…although it feels as though I’m going nowhere in a gaming sense 😉  i’ve completely lost motivation and direction which is having a real impact on blogging.  when I am playing *something* it is slightly half-heartedly and even when I am concentrating, it isn’t anything really worth sharing 😉

so what have games have i been thinking about / pottering about in?

lotro:  currently on the back burner,  mixture of being in a quiet (yet lovely!) guild, our weekly small fellowship not being able to happen at the moment combined with alt burnout.  (after stupid amounts of alts in eq2 I CANNOT face the same in lotro, so the alts I do have are crafting slaves ;))  I do want to continue a comic adaptation I started over on My Middle Earth Net and I do want to explore the new region so may well be tempted back in soon 🙂

eq2:  well I never got Tanzi to level 90 and never got my little guild up to being able to have a guild hall, so i’ve been pottering about a little there.  If, at any point in the future, I am forced to open an account with Alaplaya I will stop playing completely.  still disgusted by that.

minecraft:  I made a little jungle home that I want to finish and have a couple of ideas that I’m playing about with.  such a cool game 🙂

star trek online: I downloaded and got very excited (absolutely LOVE DS9!) but the space combat is just beyond me at the moment.  It makes me feel like a stereotypical girl so I may have to go back just to beat it 😛

rift: I thought I’d give the first 20 levels another go (its free for those levels) but I had to stop downloading and the whole thing cancelled when i was halfway through.  have been too annoyed to re-download as yet.

skyrim: currently not playing, though there is a new patch with new kill animations so I may well be back stealthing and sniping away soon 😀  still love the game and fully intend ‘finishing’ it at some point

dragon age: although i started again i can’t really face going through the whole thing so more occasional pottering here 😛  there is talk though of more in the series – yay!

so there you go – plenty of potential gameage but not really in a gaming mood at the mo.  so have been doing lots of other non-computery stuff over the last month or so 🙂

although usually when I write a post like this, I get my game back on and blogging resumes 😛  we shall see

little by little, one travels far…


2 comments on “little by little, one travels far…

  1. Must be Spring. 🙂 Sounds like you need to take a bit of a break and do some non-gaming for a while. Never fear, all those games will be there waiting for you when you return…they always are.

  2. thanks for commenting and yes – there are indeed blue skies and green shoots outside 🙂 yeah I’ll carry on having a break for a while and i’m sure by the time the UK ‘summer’ rolls round, I’ll need an indoor hobby again 😉 (just re-read it – and I do sound tired don’t i?! its all good really ;))

    just thought I’d let peeps know I’m not around for a while anyways 🙂

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