updates and /rants

whew well, I don’t recommend a 10 day tag team stint of tummy bugs to anyone 😛  so unsurprisingly I’ve not been playing lotro or any other mmo recently, instead I’ve retreated back to Minecraft to knock stuff down and build it back up again but as I’m now feeling better (though am dreading jinxing myself here, now I’ve written that!) I will be back playing and blogging again 🙂

so yeah the rant – these two separate issues got me so cross that I actually posted on the forums /faint

The first is in lotro and the attempt to charge us £10 in turbine points for full functionality of the wallet and the choice of renting your overland skirmish soldier in either skirmish marks/medallions or wait for it…. TURBINE POINTS!!!!!!  jeesh I honestly didn’t see that one coming…  anyway HBA has got his /rant on and says it much better than I 😉

and the second… is the (now) old news that dear old SOE has decided to flog the EU playerbase to Prosiebensat.1 aka alaplaya, initially with region locks, they now seem to be backtracking somewhat over that and also seem to be ignoring the fact that many of the EU players will not touch this company with a bargepole let alone create an account with them.  205+ page forum thread unanimously against the changes (and that is after some very heavy handed moderation)  The EQ2 Wire has full coverage for those interested.  I won’t be transferring my account and I won’t even think about EQ next if I have to go through this company.

Strangely though, what we are thinking about is a weekly group with some friends in Everquest once its free-to-play.  We both have some leftover freebie Station Cash to use up too so that might be handy.  Should be some free fun I hope 😉

and lotro…  well its pretty quiet there for us at the moment. we may take a proper break when our sub comes up for renewal, we shall see 🙂

oh screenshots…  i made a sort of hobbit home with a little farm 😛

and a castle…


4 comments on “updates and /rants

  1. Opfh! Sorry to hear about the tummy bug mate, not nice in the slightest so I hope you are both on the mend 🙂

    Thanks for the link to my post – hell I might actually get more than 20 readers for a post for a change 😀

    In the meantime I’m downloading STO and would like to ask would you mind if I joined your server (if it works that way – I’ve done zero research yet) so a) I know someone, and b) I can fire the odd newb question your way when I’m totally stuck? I’ll totally understand if you say no 🙂

  2. STO? ooh sorry been tempted by that but haven’t actually downloaded… everquest though (and that’s the original not eq2!) we’ll be on antonious bayle. and ofc, shout away! its always nice to have friendly faces around 🙂

    thanks, yes we’re on the mend – though with little germbags you never know for how long 😉

    and nps at all for the link 🙂

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