lotro epic quests

I want to reference these posts quickly and to be able to see the whole arc so a page of links instead of category tags.  I have tried to write the chapters in a form of a diary as I wanted to be able to read back on the story and remember why we are doing these quests (as there tends to be gaps between continuing on the epic quests it can feel a bit disjointed at times)

Volume 1 – The Shadows of Angmar
Book I – Stirrings in the Darkness
Book II – The Red Maid
Book III – The Council of the North
Book IV – Chasing Shadows
Book V – The Last Refuge
Book VI – The Fires in the North
Book VII – The Hidden Hope
Book VIII – The Scourge of the North
Book IX – The Shores of Evendim
Book X – The City of the Kings
Book XI – Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Book XII – The Ashen Wastes
Book XIII – Doom of the Last-king
Book XIV – The Ring-forges of Eregion
Book XV – Daughter of Strife

Volume 2 – Mines of Moria
Book I – The Walls of Moria
Book II – Echoes in the Dark
Book III – The Lord of Moria
Book IV – Fire and Water
Book V – Drums in the Deep
Book VI – The Shadowy Abyss
Book VII – The Leaves of Lórien
Book VIII – Scourge of Khazad-dûm
Book IX – Fortress of the Nazgul
Epilogue – Of Elves and Dwarves

Volume 3 – Allies of the King
Book I – Oath of the Rangers
Book II – Ride of the Grey Company


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