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A HUGE thank you to Shadowspawnd for compiling AND keeping this up to date.  Original found here

Updated (5/17/12)

Author Blog Twitter
Syp Bio Break Syp
Victor Stillwater Games and Geekery Victor Stillwater
Moxie The Wild Boar Inn Moxie
 omali Omali
Ambermist Tastes Like Battle Chicken Ambermist
Grimnir Grimnir’s Grudge
xhii roll one hundred jenny
Pete Smith Dragonchasers
Ardwulf Ardwulf’s Lair
Bhagpuss Inventory Full
Windsoar Jaded Alt Windsoar
Arkenor Ark’s Ark Neil Frankham
Tremayne Tremayne’s Law
HeadBurro Antfarm (HBA) Blog de la Burro
Jeremy Stratton Just One MMOre Jeremy Stratton
DocHoliday DocHoliday’s MMO Saloon Docholiday
River High Latency Life
MMOGC MMO Gamer Chick MMOGamerChick
Bree Skycandy
Rav4ge NOMNOM.INFO Stefan G.
Hunter Hunters Insight Hunter
mbp Life is a Mind Bending Puzzle
Berath Berath’s Brain Burps
Ferrel Bullet Points
B.J. Keeton Professor Beej B.J. Keeton
Karen (Jaye) Journeys with Jaye
Lonomonkey Screaming Monkeys
Spinks Welcome to Spinksville!
UnSubject Vicarious Existence UnknownSubject
Randomessa Casual Is As Casual Does
Suzi (suzita) Star Shadow Eldaeriel
rowan I Hhave Touched the Sky rowan
Wilhelm Arcturus The Ancient Gaming Noob
Jomu Just One More Unlock
Sente A ding world
Yeebo Yeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love In
Stropp Stropp’s World Stropp
Ethic Kill Ten Rats
Rackham The Jedi Gambit
Beau Hindman
Brian Blue Kae Brian
Gank Gankalicious: Confessions of an Online Altoholic
Kadomi Live Like A Nerd Kadomi
Goldenstar A Casual Stroll to Mordor Merric & Goldenstar
Tesh Tish Tosh Tesh
Shaddoe Casting A Shaddoe Larry Everett
Void A Green Mushroom Void
The Godmother Alt:ernative
Redbeard Parallel Context
kaozz ECTMMO.COM – MMOBlog: The Adventures of Kaozz
Ava Avatars of Steel
Belghast Tales of the Aggronaut
Tipa West Karana
Roger Edwards Contains Moderate Peril Roger Edwards
Oestrus (a.k.a. Erin Campbell) The Stories of O Oestrus
Scopique (Chris Smith) Levelcapped Scopique
Freyjuska LOTRO Fashion LOTRO Fashion
Mister Meh -Nick Mr. Meh’s Supplication
Malchome Malchome’s Mind on Gaming
Paeroka Nerdy bookahs and their travel guide Paeroka
Doone T.R. Red Skies Doone
Brian Inman Wasdstomp Daming
Scarybooster Scary Worlds
Feliz MMO compendium MMO Compendium
Rakuno Shards of Imagination
Flosiin Lotro Family of Flosiin Nightsong
Ardent Defender Ardent Defender Ardent Defender
Belzan Blog of the Vagabond
Creep The Prophet Creeping.. through it ALL CreepTheProphet
Tramell Gamer BC Tramell Hawkins
Gamer LadyP Gamerlady
Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green Psychochild’s Blog
Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer Mana Obscura Mana Obscura
Stubborn Sheep The Diamond
Ben “Aarto” Lickerman MiddleEarthInitiative
Akabeko red cow rise Akabeko Runetotem
Aralosseien Achievements Ahoy Aralosseien
Matticus World of Matticus Matticus
Anna Too Many Annas Anna
 Aero Bowman, Agnes Sharple, Botgirl Questi, Vaneeesa Blaylock & Xue Faith I Rez, Therefore I Am Vaneeesa Blaylock
Liore Herding Cats
Distilled (Will) Distilled Willpower Will
NoobRaider Noob Raider Noob Raider
Psnacky The Altoholic
stnylan / Lewis Maskell stnylan’s musings
Dealmaker Auction House on Farm!
Giddeon Giddeon’s Hammer
Splatus A journey through the mind

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