Saraya Perkins-Smythe

Saraya was created on 5th April, 2007.  She was originally a templar but I decided to betray her as the Guild had a templar and I thought an inquisitor would be more useful, plus they looked like fun – and so they are 😉  Although I don’t roleplay, I did imagine her as a rather spoilt daddy’s girl, living off her trust fund and inquisiting as a hobby 😛 – hence the double barrelled name and she will have the Lady title as soon as I can gather the status together.

This is my 2nd character.  I decided to level a healer so that if Dimzad didn’t want to tank or Kalyyn wanted to tank with Ashenshugar, we still had a non druid healer to take out.  Yeah, we’re all altoholics 😉



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