lotro outfit: lore-master

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I had seen and loved a gorgeous outfit over at Cosmetic Lotro (quite a while back!) so when I looted the key chest-piece on Eldaeriel, it was very quickly adapted into a new outfit for Mallendis (my now level 75!!) lore-master 🙂

head:  Hat of Deep Lore (Moria barter)
body: Ancient Inlaid Breastplate (Great River quest reward) dyed gold  *Edit* NB.  this is a heavy armour item and I was only able to equip via the wardrobe system.
back: Cloak of the Ibis (Lotro store) dyed gold
hands: Elven Cloth Gloves (tailor made) dyed gold
feet: Boots of the Westfold (RoI pre-order) ~ I still have a slight addiction to these boots… 😉


weekly screenshot: prized smokey black horse

I finally finished doing repeatables for gold stars so I could get my prized smokey horse from the Malledhrim reputation vendors.  I did the repeatable from Mithechad and the repeatable from Thangúlhad a few times, and as that was feeling a bit slow… I persuaded Dimzad to run the quests for the Warg-pens of Dol Guldur which made it a fair bit quicker 🙂  I had designed the above outfit (detailed here) quite a long time ago in anticipation of getting  this horse, the aim being to look as though Eldaeriel is actually a Hunter of Mirkwood.  I’m happy with it although the horse does whinny a lot 😛


lotro outfit: spring flinging!

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I’m currently grinding spring leaves for the new appearance items, until I get those I decided to create a very quick and simple spring outfit to go with my Blue Roan horse (gained from a previous Spring festival but I think is currently available in the Store).

Head: White Rose Circlet (Spring Festival barter reward)
Shoulders: Hillman’s Cracked Leather Shoulder Guards dyed Rivendell Green (Dunland quest reward)
Upper Body: Long Sleeved Elven-Dress dyed Rivendell Green (requires Kindred standing with the Elves of Rivendell)
Weapon Slot: Giant Flower (received from the flower gift boxes)

lotro outfit: champion

Meet my baby champion 🙂  She is now level 33 and I thought she deserved a new outfit.  I had found the legs whilst questing on Eldaeriel and loved them, although I wasn’t sure on who or how to use them.  I also haven’t found a perfect match with the jacket but I think it looks good enough.  I don’t usually use bright colours but if anyone is going to wear red, its going to be a champion surely?!

Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Soothsayer (Dunland quest reward) dyed red
Upper Body: Footman’s Armour (crafted) dyed red.
Legs: Starkmoor Caretaker’s Leggings (Dunland quest reward) dyed red.
Hands: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets (Epic quest reward)
Feet: Fine Grey Company Boots (Epic quest reward)

lotro outfit: dwarven runekeeper

Dimzad created this outfit for his rune-keeper and I thought I’d share it with you all.  I love the outfit, especially the detailing on the hat.

Head: Linen hat (crafted)
Body: Robe of Countless Stars (Dunland faction)
Cloak: Singed Cloak (drop from Moria epic instance)
Gloves: Heavy Cloth Gloves (crafted)
Shoes: Shoes of the Learned Stag (Dunland quest reward)

all dyed black

loremaster outfits

As I’ve been playing my loremaster more, I decided it was about time I smartened her up a bit 🙂  She has two outfits to wear now, one in gold and one in blue.

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Gold outfit:
Back: Cloak of the Ibis ~ dyed gold (store bought)
Body: Lórien Fancy Robe (Lothlórien barter)
Hands: Elven Cloth Gloves ~ dyed gold (elven outfitters, Rivendell)
Feet:  Boots of the Westfold (RoI Legendary Pre-order)

Blue outfit:
Back: Cloak of the Windsinger ~ dyed Ered Luin blue (store bought)
Body: Robe of Viisaus ~ dyed Ered Luin blue (reward for completing Vol 1., Book 13, Chapter 4)
Feet:  Padded Shoes ~ dyed Navy (Apprentice Tailor made)