Funnily enough, a day or two after I posted that I hadn’t joined our friends’ guild and was quite happy soloing and noodling about, I ended up joining 😛  Its been really nice chatting and catching up online and last night I went to my first lotro instance.

Fornost 1

The outside area of Fornost, at this point I had no idea how massive this place is (or seems to be)

Fornost 2

Its hard to believe you're in an instance, it doesn't feel constrained at all

Fornost 3

A Boss fight, huge fun and there were a ton of trolls to kill close by too 😉

Fornost 4

We went inside the ruins! I hadn't expected that.

Fornost 5

Another action shot.

Fornost 6

Lol always fun to kill orcs worshipping (Crushbone Keep, eq2, memories ;))

Fornost 7

I fell off the bridge shortly after this (apparently the worst place to do so as it was about 5-10 minutes till we got back to this point).

The zone went on for a fair bit longer after this but after the bridge incident, I didn’t dare try taking any other screenies and show myself up again lol.  All in all, this was a good zone, with a fair few bosses and lots of trash.  I got a couple of upgrades gearwise (a new spear and bow) which was cool AND was taught how to do the fellowship manoeuvres. I was really grateful they let me tag as it was a great introduction to fellowship content and I had a LOT of fun.  It was quite a fast run through (which I was grateful for as it is huge and we didn’t finish till 1.30 am as it was!) so I was mostly concentrating on not messing up 😉  even though they’re my mates, its a matter of pride lol.  It is strange going from being used to knowing the strats inside out and knowing what to do, to being a complete noob again 😉  fun though and it made a nice change to stand at the back and relax.

I have got to try a minstrel though…  The drumming just sounds fantastic.  I’ve heard its a bit like levelling a defiler though 😉


3 comments on “Fornost

  1. Hehe I know all too well about your screeny addiction lol 😛 *cough* Darathar *cough* how is eq2 these days seen that free to play rubbish was toying with coming back for the next xpac but that put me off big style 😦 shame I really liked eq2 😦

  2. lol yeah…

    not sure about eq2, I pop on every so often but I haven’t really played since July/August. I’ll probably pop back for Frostfell (house items lol ;)) and will probably check out the xpac.

    *waves at space pirate kajen* arrrrr! have fun in eve 😉

  3. Hehe all your isk belongs to us, eve is fun very interesting too with everyone on the same server (one big cluster I think) who knows mabye the devs will see our posts and fix eq2 make it worth playing again

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