a lore-master’s life for me?


I had an interesting night recently.  I took Eldaeriel into challenge mode Roots of Fangorn with our usual group and even though it was 10 levels below us, we had a bit of a mare with Aeo being practically perma-stunned during the first section of the zone.  It got a bit annoying and although we could have persevered through, I offered to bring Mallendis instead with her super awesome anti-stun.  The difference the lore-master made within the group was pretty shocking –  it went from being fun but manic to fun and chilled.  Its hard  to say exactly how much of it was purely down to the change in class but I’m pretty sure it was at least somewhat significant.

So I started  to wonder why I was so fixated on only ever playing a hunter/ranger type and whether I should try something else out for a while.  I have to admit that I am finally getting bored of playing a hunter type in MMOs (it’s only taken me 6 years to get to this stage :P)

malSo I’ve decided to keep Eldaeriel for our Team Orange 3-mans (the warden/rk/hunter combo is just fab) and I’m going to try playing Mallendis for 6 and 12 man content.  I like the fact that I will have more choices in playstyle and traiting and that she can be useful in a number of ways.  I’m currently going for a 5R/2B combo so that I can dps, debuff and backup heal but I can switch / partially switch to full debuff/cc mode if we find ourselves in a situation that might need it.

In a way, she is reminding me of my inquisitor in eq2 (a class I really miss) she’s wielding a staff and sword instead of a great big thwacky hammer and wearing cloth instead of plate but she seems to have the same ability to wade into a fight swinging with a ton of other skills to back it up.

Although she is in a bit of a mess if I’m honest.  I’d zoomed her up through the levels and I missed a lot of deeds and content.  So I have a lot of catching up to do – her virtues and the mirkwood skirmishes being the priority to sort out.  My first aim is to get all her needed virtues to 10 (yes it’s that bad!) and to get her geared up.  Fortunately Eldaeriel is very close to finishing Hytbold so she’ll be able to barter for her gear and I should be able to get her staff to 2nd age, definitely once U10 is out anyway.  I’m really looking forward to doing something a bit different.


4 comments on “a lore-master’s life for me?

  1. Good to read you’re going to try out the lore-master a bit, it’s an amazing class! Also a very different class to play from a hunter, even though both are ranged.

    Don’t forget to debuff when stuff is hard, even if you’re red traited! 😉

    I hope you’ll have a lot of fun, and be sure to report on your adventures here! 😀

  2. thanks Rav – I’m sure I will and yes will definitely keep everyone up to date 😉 I have to say I’ve really enjoyed soloing her (much to my surprise given that I normally don’t even consider ‘magic’ classes!) and so far she has been pretty interesting in groups – I think she’ll be even more interesting once I’ve sorted her out a bit!

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