MMONBI newbies

A HUGE thank you to Shadowspawnd for compiling AND keeping this up to date.  Original found here

Updated (5/17/12)

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Author Blog Twitter
Ocho Casual Aggro Ocho
Skaggy SWTOR from scratch Skaggy Poet
Zellviren Unwavering Sentinel Christopher Whyte
Feliz MMO Compendium MMO Compendium
Iluviel Elfkina Turret (in Slovak language) Veronika
Kiralynn of Landroval Windy Acres Ranch
Jacob A. Ratliff tl-dr Jacob Ratliff
Saali Saali in Taborea
Badtauren (Phil) Bad Tauren phillip jones
Lyrestra Musings of an altoholic
Maruka Neurotic Girl Maruka
Chris Geo’s Ironman Challenge Chris Urquhart
Craftygod Crafty’s Corner
Pentha Scattered Thoughts
Youngblood The Poison Mushroom
Kavorkian My Staff is Bigger than Yours Pedro Rocha
Vagabond Vagabond goes for a Walk
Rundle Allighter Eve All Night
Leodar Dreadblade Crusader Leodar
Asherrylie Priest All The Things
Brazokie Brazokie’s Blog Space Brazokie
Grimmash Warp to Zero
Bob Flintston Altaclysmic
Wynnie Wynniekins’ Adventures
Wynnie Wynnie goes Free to Play
Bernard Diminishing Returns
Shadowspawnd World’s End Tavern Shadowspawnd
Quadzi Warrior Needs Time Badly
Killington WASD Way Killington
Mechalis That Was an Accident!
Rhalinur Aggrolicious Aggrolicious
Jason Conveniently Placed Exhaust Port Jason Rice
Efithor Adamant Nomad
Ben “Aarto” Lickerman MiddleEarthInitiative
Toastman Toastman’s blog
Ravanel Ravalation
Black Seven The Incidental Analyst
TJ Edgar Bloodthorne
Vitha AntiPlasmaFrequency
Kemwer Kemwer Game Blog Andre Goersch
Danania The Adventures of Danania, Supergirl of Lorien!
Kalc Unliving a Death Knight
Diabloceto Deathstomp, The Ruminations of a Death Knight diabloceto
Aillas MMO Juggler
White Charr White Charr – A Guild Wars 2 Blog
JustRight Not Too Heavy
Jim To Infinity and Beyond ! (Invite only at this time)
O’Fajota Raspberry Jammed
Sooru Click to Loot
Ivy4Life  Kaw Kaw Get in the Bag
Cocktorpedo TFScribbles
Sil The Blue Haired Geek
Onterion Omens of Onterion (An Eve Online Blog)
Kanter MMO One Night a Week
Optimus Maleficus Malefic Incantations Optimus Maleficus
Aly Mistress of Illusions
Elunamakata Healing Mains (co written with holybrae) Elunamakata
Braelyan Healing Mains (co written with elunamakata) Jenn Howard Cannon
Ninevi Flask Half-Empty Ninevi
Pamela Gaming for Introverts
Cari Mac Glimpses from Middle-Earth
Wapsipinicon Goetia’s Letters
Nomieke /con mmob
Susi Gaming Abroad
Diane Rasmussen Neal tl-dr tl-dr
Lifedeathsoul Backseat Game design
Entombed Divinity’s Reach
Jezi Big Numbers! Rainee Sue
Siadina Trippin Tyria Siadina Sorrowchild
Eon Themistocles Eons and Eons Away
Hasugo Numani (aka motstandet) Horrible Ball of Fire
Eva Image Heavy Eva
Khuruuk Casually Vicious
Skron The Frugal Gamer Skron
Brews Gaming Brew
Randolph Carter This Roaring Silence
Serenity MMOARprz Serenity
Tyler Murphy How to Pour Sand Back Into the Box
Peter Hatch The Diverted Muse Peter Hatch
Teatro Newbie Hobbit
Red Neckromonger Red’s Roid Rage Red Neckromonger
Zeth Battlemastered Zeth
Evilitis thenotsonewnoob
Mark/Valerian commentarilies mark colton
Rambling Redshirt Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Fivequarters Argus or Bust
Beorneoth LOTRO Cinna
Amijade Warlockery
Luranni Stabby McStabStab Li

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