lotro comic: have a nice trip?

Whenever I see that rug, I always think it’s an accident waiting to happen 😉  (click for larger image)


weekly screenshot(s): introduction

I’ve started a new project which I’ll be publishing soon, as I was working on this, I realised that I needed a back-story for Eldaeriel.  I hadn’t previously given it much thought since the character creator and I had chosen Mirkwood as I remembered and loved it from the Hobbit.  Actually, reading the below, I still haven’t given her back story much more thought 😛  She has an angle now though 😉

(Click for full size images)

comic ~ don’t worry i’ll train it!

(click image for a larger version)

We don’t often train through areas (especially as I have my hunter ports), but we hate this area of Moria (its like being in an intestine… *shudder*) and wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.  This Dimzad train had me in stitches…  no we weren’t singing the Benny Hill music… oh no… not us 😛

comic ~ don’t take the initiative?

Questing and deeding can get a little grindy at times, so Dimzad and I do try to keep ourselves entertained…  this inspired me to make some screenshot comics to show a more lighthearted side to lotro.

We are still getting out of the mindset of EQ2 where a named mob = phat lewtz and we have quite often unwittingly killed the goal of the following quest 😛  (yes we know to look for the rare tag now!)

would love to know what you think 🙂