exploring Telon

As I’m in a bit of a pre-update 10 lull with lotro (and the server downtime), this week I’ve been playing some Vanguard again.   To get back into the game, I decided to roll a new character (a shaman halfling) in their racial starter area rather than go to the Isle of Dawn.  Although the Isle of Dawn is probably the best all-round newbie experience, I’m preferring being out in the open world, especially as they have revamped the racial starter areas to be more in line with IoD including the rewards.  The Bracelet of Lucky Charms is now available from the questlines found in the Cliffs of Ghelgad, Tursh and Dallerjuba Village.

I began by helping a farmer to deal with zombies afflicting the village graveyard.  The animation on these is great and zombie slaying was a fun way to start.  I was next sent to a guard post where I was asked to deal with some brownies who were creating constructs in another graveyard and some books who were misbehaving and causing a nuisance in the absence of their wizardly owner.  My next objective will be to deal with imps emanating from that tower…  So far, so fun 🙂  The shaman seems to be good fun so far, the damage capabilities seem ok though I don’t know how this will change as I get more into the game ‘proper’, she will get a pet at level 15 so I guess that will be when I start experiencing the class more as it is.  It is refreshing to be in a new world, especially one which is so full of magic – good and bad.

I’ll be picking up some other characters as I’d like to explore Qalia, Kojan and Thestra as much as I can and the continents are huge, so much to find and see!   So I’m looking to have a good soloer on each continent, I have a Dreadknight on Qalia, a Disciple on Kojan and I’m not sure whether to play my Shaman or my Paladin on Thestra.  My Ranger is waiting patiently for Dimzad to pop back in before she gets to go out and play 😉  I’m also hoping to find time to play regularly, although lotro will remain my main MMO for now at least.  If I do manage to play at least somewhat regularly I will resub too.

On a side note, I’m considering starting up a new blog address (and moving some posts over if I do) as I am getting hit by spam comments quite a lot and where this blog is now over 4 years old, it is quite messy and unorganised behind the scenes…  I’ll keep you all posted 🙂


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