Suzita Starshadow

Suzita was created on the 22nd of September, 2006.  She is a level 90 Ranger, level 89 Woodworker, maxed Tinkerer and has 230 odd AA.  She was my first character ever in EQ2 and has been my main ever since her creation.  I absolutely love playing my ranger, she was hard to get used at first but as she got higher in level she became much easier to play.  Her mythical weapon, Eagle’s Talon, is the best bow I have ever owned, both for soloing (point blank range – no more gimped melee for me!) and grouping.

She has a house in Kelethin, which is kinda finished 😉  As she is my main character, I do all content & shinies with her first (if late ;))  As a tribute to Minsc and Boo – her bio reads, “We are all heroes: You and I and Boo.  Hamsters and Rangers everywhere! Rejoice!”



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