about me

I live in the UK with my boyfriend (who also plays – Dimzad/Hewgo/Glarim and some other alts) and my little boy 🙂  I write entries for this blog and play MMOs when he is asleep (the littlun that is… not Dimzad… honest :P)

The site is named after my main character Suzita Starshadow (eq2) and Eldaeriel (main in lotro) means star shadow in elvish.  The blog is currently primarily focusing on lotro, with a few single player game entries here and there.

I started playing LOTRO in Aug 2010 and am just *loving* running around in Middle Earth 🙂  Aside from dabbling in Minecraft I’m not really playing any other games at the mo, although I do need to ‘finish’ Skyrim (I did eventually finish Awakenings and DA2 ;))  DA3 and the revamped Baldur’s Gate are on my watchlist.  I’d like to have time to play Vanguard – hoping to do some regular noodling there too.

I played Everquest 2 from Sept 2006 to Aug 2010 (unlikely to return unless I fancy some house decorating) and this blog began as a way to record some funny events and somewhere to post screenies and achievements.  It still really functions as an online gaming ‘diary’.  It is much more about what I do in whatever game I’m playing rather a commentary or opinion blog.  Not surprisingly, I have a rather small audience which is just fine by me 😉

My favourite games of all time* are:

  • Rings of Power (Sega Megadrive)
  • Baldur’s Gate (PC – Minsc and Boooo!)
  • Oblivion (PC)
  • Everquest 2 (MMO)
  • Dragon Age (PC)
  • Lord of the Rings online (MMO)

In Everquest 2, I am an officer in Light of the Wolf, which is a casual guild on Splitpaw and play on the Laurelin (RP) server in Lord of the Rings Online .

Although I generally class myself as a casual player due to RL circumstances I’ve  varied between being ultra casual (current playstyle) to casual hardcore (gearing up and raiding).  Whichever point I’m at on the scale though, I still view my time playing as ‘play’ 😉

*If you’re really interested (and I’m sure you’re not :P) I did write a long and blithering post about my gaming history which goes into far more detail than you’d ever hoped for or wanted.


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