eq2 decorating projects

I will post my decorating projects here.  I love decorating houses, I’m not as talented or as innovative as many of those who post in the Norrathian Homeshow but hope I at least put together believable rooms.

Below are some screenies of the Guild Hall of areas that I decorated and on the links above are the houses which are finished or very close to be finished.  I am still working on Fizzi’s, Asirra’s and Merla’s houses.

Light of the Wolf Guild Hall, South Qeynos, Splitpaw Server

Ground Floor of Tradeskill area:

Ground floor view

Upper Floor of Tradeskill area:

Upstairs view 3

Trophy Maze:
Guild Maze

Portal room (decorated with Emaimee):
Guild Portal 1

Guild Portal 2

Guild Portal 3

Bank & Bar area (decorated with Munu & Uxonia):
Guild Bank

Guild Bar


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