little by little, one travels far #5

We are now level 66 and maybe around halfway through Mirkwood.  I am really enjoying Mirkwood, it is really atmospheric and as this is my elf’s home it is great to finally be ‘home’.  We’re getting very tempted to fast track through though – now we’re over 65, we know we’re on the final strait to where we need to start thinking seriously about gear but Isengard is the place to be for that…. and we haven’t even really touched Enedwaith yet.

We’re also wondering what we will do once we reach cap… we have really enjoyed taking it slowly and giggling our way round areas, once we have done the questlines for Isengard we will need to find something else to do (skirmishes or alts perhaps plus we do have a warden friend which should make quite an awesome trio ;))  There is also grouping with our kin – plenty of stuff to do but I will really miss questing with Dimzad…

Mind you, Skyrim is out very soon and lotro will be taking a back seat for a while 😉 will delay our dilemna* for a while lol

*got completely sidetracked by dilemna (how I was taught) v dilemma





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