(V1) Book I: Stirrings in the Darkness

still catching up on previous events 😉  notes in blue track the events from the novel.

Eldaeriel was asked to speak to Strider who was staying at the Prancing Pony in Bree.  Strider believes that the events in Ered Luin, Bree and the Shire are linked and that the first task should be to stop Amdir (the fallen ranger from the Bree starter storyline). Eldaeriel travelled to the Blackwold camp with a group of rangers.  Amdir was killed, along with a wight but Skorgrim Dourhand escaped yet again.  (A nazgul was also present and it was truly terrifying, especially with Eldaeriel cowering from the effects of dread!)


Next Eldaeriel helped Constable Underhill infiltrate the Blackwold’s hideout.  The Dourhands were present but escaped.  The leader of the Blackwold’s was mortally wounded by the Dourhands as he was trying to extricate his band from their control, however he told Eldaeriel before he died, that he was being paid by agents of Angmar.

When Eldaeriel returns to Strider with this news she find out that the Black Riders had attacked the Prancing Pony in search of 4 hobbits, the travellers that Strider had been waiting for.  Strider needs to find out where the other 4 Riders are, so sends Eldaeriel to Lenglinn, who is camped near Buckland.  She finds out that these 4 riders were in Buckland and have gone East, leaving a great evil in their wake.  Lenglinn wishes Eldaeriel to assist with this.  At this point Eldaeriel finds out that the hobbit is named Baggins.

After killing some crebain (watchers for the Enemy), Eldaeriel goes to the hobbit’s home in Crickhollow.  She finds Frederick Bolger there, who had been interrogated by the Riders and told them that the hobbits had gone into the Old Forest.  She finds out from Frederick that the hobbit has the Enemy’s ring.  At this point they are attacked by more birds, although Eldaeriel defeats most of them, some of them escape to the Old Forest.

She returns to Lenglinn, who sends her back to Strider.  Strider asks her to kill these birds so they cannot inform the Enemy of the news about the ring.  He send Eldaeriel to Tom Bombadil in the Old Forest.  While Tom is looking for these crows, Eldaeriel gathers flowers for Goldberry.

Eldaeriel then follows Tom’s directions to the crows and finds a woman named Andraste in charge of the crows.  Before she dies Andraste mentions that the Lord of the Nazgul was going to a place named Othrongroth.

Dimzad joined Eldaeriel for the next stage.  Tom took them Othrongroth where they fought through dark tunnels to find and overhear the Witch King of Angmar talking to a Dourhand.  Dimzad and Eldaeriel were discovered and were told of the plans for Skorgrim to raise an army in the North for the Witch King and the Dark Lord and that the gaunt one will go to awaken a formidable power in Agamaur.  At this point Sambog is summoned to kill Eldaeriel and Dimzad.  They were doing pretty well in very terrifying circumstances and although they thought they would have actually managed to kill him (:P) they were very grateful when Tom Bombadil turned up and banished the spirit.

Eldaeriel and Dimzad travel back to Bree to inform Strider of this news.  However, they find out from Barliman Butterbur that he has left with the 4 hobbits, but that they should go and see Mr Gandalf.  Gandalf is informed of the news and tasks them with hindering the Witch-king’s plans.



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