(V1) Prologue

bleh very difficult to summarize this as I did this a fair while back, apologies for the crappy writing.

2 years later, Eldaeriel is still in Ered Luin, having stayed to help protect the Refuge of Duillond.  In Celondim she is asked to look for signs of Arvorthal, Cardavor’s son.  She finds his satchel by a goblin body and brings this news to Cardavor.  Believing that his son has been slain by the goblins, he asks Eldaeriel to slay a good number of goblins and their leader Pampraush in Limael’s Vineyard in revenge.  As she attacks Pampraush, she is told that she is too late and that the dwarves now have Avorthal.

Cardavor sends Eldaeriel to Durungor at Duillond.  Worried that the goblins are trying to provoke a war between dwarves and elves, Durongur sends Eldaeriel to meet the elven emissary, Gailthin, at Gondamon.  While Gailthin is investigating at Gondamon, Eldaeriel is sent to find Aglarchen, who has also been searching for Avorthal.  He is trapped in the dwarven encampment and Eldaeriel assists him in escaping.  He has found out where Avorthal is being held.  It appears that the dwarves have indeed captured him and Eldaeriel is sent to Mathi Stouthand, Lord of Gondamon to confront him with this news.

Mathi explains that Avorthal has not been taken by his people, the Longbeards, but rather by the Dourhands.  Mathi suggests that a neutral party assist in the rescue of Avorthal as tensions are running high and war between the elves and the dwarves must be avoided.  He sends Eldaeriel to Ranger Langlas at Thrasi’s Lodge.

Eldaeriel and Langlas firstly go to the Dourhand encampment where they find that Avorthal has been moved.  Eldaeriel then sneaks into Kheledul and rescues Avorthal who was being held at the docks.


The dwarves and elves unite and prepare to overthrow Skorgrim in Rath Teraig.  However, Skorgrim escapes yet again but has at least been driven from Ered Luin.

Langlas sends Eldaeriel to see his Captain in Bree…  Strider!!!!

I think at this point the hobbits are fleeing the Shire.


3 comments on “(V1) Prologue

  1. thanks for stopping by – I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog 🙂 I love your back story and all the details you describe.

    I’ve been trying to decide if I should carry on, stand back and narrate or whether to try and write in the 1st person and make it more like a story/diary… I think I will try to catch up to where I am and perhaps then try to write in more of a diary form… I haven’t done anything like this before and it seems as though it would be enjoyable and a challenge 🙂

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