In the recent dev chat on twitter (transcript), it was mentioned that ‘with upcoming class changes ALL CLASSES will have some difficult choices’   this quote was directly relating to a question about hunters having to choose between survivability and dps.  Its an interesting quote though and makes me wonder what they have planned.  I would imagine that if we are going to have to make choices, they will be going beyond minor tweaks.  This quote may back this up (in response to a question asking when the class updates would be happening): ‘we are laying the groundwork now (and there’s lots of it). Later this year, we’ll see the big changes‘.

It seems that the classes do need looking at – I was reading a thread on the official forums where it seems that there is one unpopular trait line for each class (e.g. yellow for hunters – its situationally useful at best but I have to admit, I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve needed or wanted to trait yellow).  It does seem a bit of a waste especially as some of the legendary capstones are very um… unlegendary…  I think virtues are also in a similar position, once at level 85 it seems most people slot very similar virtues – those giving you extra morale, armour, phys and tact mit.  I know I slot the same traits on Eldaeriel and Mallendis (and on my lower lvl burg), Dimzad uses pretty much the same set as I do too (for heals and dps) and I know at least 2/3s of my virtues cross over with Aeo’s tanking ones.  So I think I can see why they are doing it.

Obviously, there are a multitude of possible ways in which they can change the classes.  I did have a mad leap of logic though…  I looked at the colours of the mounted combat stances and then at the colours of the trait lines…  Given that most modern MMOs are introducing more flexibility into classes and into group makeup, what if our trait lines could reflect different roles we could play within a group, similar to how it’s supposed to work in mounted combat?  E.g. Red being a DPS setup, Blue being a survivability/healing setup and Yellow being a crowd control / debuffing setup.  It could make for some very interesting changes and choices.  I’m not sure change on that scale is actually needed though but well, I’m sure I’m completely wrong and they won’t be making any changes even as nearly drastic as that 😉

By the way, I’ve obviously been thinking about virtues and the Slayer deeds are really quite odd.  I did think after completing the Slayer of Dunland meta-deed, I should have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder rather than gain a level of compassion… (of all the virtues – compassion???!!!!)

some speculation re: class changes


I had a comment recently which was basically saying that they were getting triple emails for each comment received on my blog and they asked if I could sort this out for them.  I haven’t approved it as I am slightly worried it might be spam (although it didn’t read like spam at all… )

anyway, the upshot is, I can’t seem to do anything about comment subscription – I can’t even see *who* has subscribed to comments, just how many.  If you want to unsubscribe from comments, it looks as though there should be a ‘modify your subscription options’ in the emails you receive.  There is also this help page on

hopefully that helps….

comments unfollow


…although it feels as though I’m going nowhere in a gaming sense 😉  i’ve completely lost motivation and direction which is having a real impact on blogging.  when I am playing *something* it is slightly half-heartedly and even when I am concentrating, it isn’t anything really worth sharing 😉

so what have games have i been thinking about / pottering about in?

lotro:  currently on the back burner,  mixture of being in a quiet (yet lovely!) guild, our weekly small fellowship not being able to happen at the moment combined with alt burnout.  (after stupid amounts of alts in eq2 I CANNOT face the same in lotro, so the alts I do have are crafting slaves ;))  I do want to continue a comic adaptation I started over on My Middle Earth Net and I do want to explore the new region so may well be tempted back in soon 🙂

eq2:  well I never got Tanzi to level 90 and never got my little guild up to being able to have a guild hall, so i’ve been pottering about a little there.  If, at any point in the future, I am forced to open an account with Alaplaya I will stop playing completely.  still disgusted by that.

minecraft:  I made a little jungle home that I want to finish and have a couple of ideas that I’m playing about with.  such a cool game 🙂

star trek online: I downloaded and got very excited (absolutely LOVE DS9!) but the space combat is just beyond me at the moment.  It makes me feel like a stereotypical girl so I may have to go back just to beat it 😛

rift: I thought I’d give the first 20 levels another go (its free for those levels) but I had to stop downloading and the whole thing cancelled when i was halfway through.  have been too annoyed to re-download as yet.

skyrim: currently not playing, though there is a new patch with new kill animations so I may well be back stealthing and sniping away soon 😀  still love the game and fully intend ‘finishing’ it at some point

dragon age: although i started again i can’t really face going through the whole thing so more occasional pottering here 😛  there is talk though of more in the series – yay!

so there you go – plenty of potential gameage but not really in a gaming mood at the mo.  so have been doing lots of other non-computery stuff over the last month or so 🙂

although usually when I write a post like this, I get my game back on and blogging resumes 😛  we shall see

little by little, one travels far…


well after being super-organised and managing to get three posts scheduled to be published while I was away (last week), I’ve now not managed to post at all since I’m back 😛    Our toddler is developing his immune system and catching any bug that floats past and he kindly sometimes passes onto us too 😛  and there is a backlog of housework/washing/appts/errands to catch up on – which is obviously super-exciting for you lot to read 😉  Anyways, should all be settled back down very soon and I’ll be back to posting regularly.

Planned posts:  

  • hoping to get a dwarven runekeeper outfit posted on Friday (modelled and designed by supermodel-turned-designer Dimzad – screenshots by noted fashion photographer Eldaeriel
  • updated spreadsheet for cook repasts (and possibly one for regen/trail food)
  • elvish…. honest, I promise!!
  • I made a new outfit for my champion which I’ll post next week
  • some tips/useful info I’ve found on legendary items

see ya soon 😉