everquest and vanguard

Well the Everquest group is on, so we had an evening in the original Norrath and levelled our characters to 15 ish and we’re having our first proper group session tomorrow night.  I’m looking forward to it although I am getting a bit worried about being responsible for pulling the mobs (rolled a bard)… ordinarily that would not be a problem… in fact I’m usually quite good at it (usually unexpectedly, am rather marvellous at room pulls and am especially noted for ‘ooh shiny!’ pulls).  I’m finding the game quite hard at the moment – partly being completely new to the game, partly the horribly clunky UI and partly getting used to the graphics.

We shall see.  If I turn out to be horrible at barding I can always re-roll and maybe play a druid or something.  I like the concept of the class (support, crowd control as far as I can tell) and will probably be able to cope with setting one song off, then another, then another etc so you have multiple buffs running (known as twisting I think and I think you can macro sets too).  So I’m worried about pulling  mobs of all things!  (I think you get rid of adds so you pull one mob at a time… sounds complicated but may not be too bad once I get into it).

If anyone knows a good UI for everquest (especially for widescreen 1366 x 768), please let me know!

Though we were also quite excited by the news of Vanguard going free to play – so we may end up grouping up there in the summer.  I tried out Vanguard quite a while ago when I had the full Station Access sub and I did really like it.  At the time though, I was fully into Everquest 2 and was too busy grouping there to be able to spare thought to it.  I had a few characters there but I don’t know if they’ve survived as there have been quite a few server merges since then…  would be lovely if they were still there though!  They were all really low level, so low level in fact that I think only 1 character is out of the tutorial.

Still not playing much though, the weather outside is unseasonably gorgeous so we’ve been having picnics and lots of playtime with the halfling at the park and watching season 1 of Fringe and season 4 of True Blood in the evening.  Its all good 🙂  Starting to get a slight hankering for lotro and my comic though… 😉

Oh I’ve changed my blog theme too! Hope you like it 😉



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