little by little, one travels far


Everquest… yes well, we’re grouping up with some fantastic people and having huge amounts of fun over voice chat but Dimzad and I are having huge problems getting into the game (not helped by the fact we can only bring ourselves to log in on the weekly group night and once we do, we’re just running round in circles killing the same mobs over and over again – for explorer/achiever types, not the ideal night gaming :P)  So really you’d think we’d try and do something about this…  you know maybe put a bit of effort in, buy our spells maybe… get some money for gear together… roll a class I like (I hate the bard class, really really hate it)…  have a look around… do some quests, maybe check out crafting?

erm no…

instead we accidentally decided to sub to a different game…  Vanguard… and we LOVE it!  Dimzad is still pottering about the Isle of Dawn catching up on crafting and diplomacy.  I have more time to play than him, so I’ve done the crafting quests there, tried out diplomacy, decided I didn’t like it so ignored it and oh yeah… I’VE ROLLED A RANGER AND NOW I’M HAPPY!!!!  I’m currently running around Ca’ail Brael, doing a bit of crafting, seeing what’s over there and not picking up any adventuring quests until Dimzad joins me.  Pure bliss 🙂

am feeling guilty about everquest now, so will log in and buy some spells for the dreaded bard ;p and think about levelling a rogue maybe 😉


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