week 2 challenge: why you do what you do

thought I’d join in this week’s challenge by Tastes Like Battle Chicken, which is basically to explain why you do what you do in a picture.

so here it is:

I’ve used screenshots from lotro, but really its the same in any game I play 😉


8 comments on “week 2 challenge: why you do what you do

  1. Ahh, I love it! Great combination of pictures, too! I have such a thing for archery, any girl with a bow and arrow makes me supremely happy.

    Great response, thank you! 😀

  2. thanks! great challenge btw 🙂

    every game I play I’m drawn to the huntery/roguey classes and its rare to find another class I enjoy as much (the exception might be inquisitor in eq2…) there’s just *something* about a bow and arrow 😉

  3. Love the picture! I actually went for my first RL archery lesson last night – it’s not as easy as you may think! Loads of fun though 🙂

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