little by little, one travels far

everquest:  its unlikely we’ll be playing this again.  I can see why it was such a good game and why so many people have fond memories and so many still play it though, I think I came along too late.

vanguard:  not sure what’s happening with this game.  its absolutely gorgeous, feels quite different and we’ve had fun so far.  Now we’re back in lotro though, I’m not sure we’ll have time to play here too.  Its possible though, we will be grouping here when it goes f2p.  Must remember to log in and check out the free house loyalty reward.

lotro: well we’re back in lotro 🙂  I’d been popping in a bit and playing my lore-master and grinding through the festival but our friends we were playing with in everquest are trying out lotro so hopefully they’ll like it and stick around.  My 12 mth sub is going to run out next month, although it was a really good deal I think I’m going to try subbing from September to March ish and lapse to premium for the spring/summer months.

lotro pre-order /rant: I’m holding fire on pre-ordering the expansion at the moment, I’m really lucky that my birthday is in August so Dimzad has given me an early birthday present and I can pre-order the legendary expansion:D  I really want it but I really really dislike how they’ve done it this year.   I’m holding out for now as a token of protest.  What would I like to change?  Well it just doesn’t seem like very good value, perhaps if they included some TP included for the heroic and legendary versions, that might be better.  I think they could have been more generous with the 6th bag pre order bonus too…  Why on earth is there exclusive game content for the legendary pack? that just feels really, really wrong.   Why doesn’t the legendary pack get the stuff included in normal and heroic?  its just really strange, not what I expected and I don’t like it… Lets hope that there are some tweaks to the packs.

admin: I really must update my blogroll…  remember that I was going to reblog some posts on a friday…


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