[The journals return to reports and assessments of the plant and wildlife of Ered Luin, most centred around Duillond.  There are increasing sightings of goblins however and the Dourhands are still .  Then during September, 3018 (TA) the entries change again]

At the behest of Cardavor
I had been visiting a friend in Celondim and was about to return home when I noticed that Eilian was beckoning me over to speak with her.  She had heard tales of my bravery and asked me to speak with Cardavor as she had noticed he was worrying about something and thought I may be able to help.

Unlike Avorthal
When Cardavor found out that I had not seen his son Avorthal on my travels, he asked me if I could travel to Nen Hilith to see if he was visiting his dwarven friend Athal.  It is but a short journey so I readily agreed.  I arrived at the camp and spoke to Athal.  It seems that he agreed to meet Avorthal here but he had not arrived at the camp as yet.  Athal wished to enter the Glade but the elves guarding the glade forbade him from entering.

Avorthal’s Favourite Haunts
Athal believed that I may find Avorthal meditating under the white trees in the Glade and asked me to enter the glade in search of Avorthal or perhaps some sign that he has been there.  A pack of wolves seem to have made their home here, their presence mars the peace and tranquillity of the glade and so I agreed to cull their numbers somewhat for the elves protecting the glade.  I did not find Avorthal however I did find a pack next to a slain goblin.  When I returned with the pack, Athal recognised the pack as Avorthal’s.   He asked that I take the pack to Cardavor and also offered to assist in any way he could.  I returned full of worry to Cardavor.

The Wrath of the Elves
It seems certain that Avorthal has been slain by goblins, though I wonder what has happened to his body.  Perhaps it is best not to think too deeply upon that.  Cardavor was full of grief and rage and asked me to take revenge upon any goblins found in Ered Luin. Limael’s Vineyard has been defiled by the vile creatures, I was asked to slay Pampraush and his minions.  I duly exacted revenge for Cardavor but as I was attacking Pampraush, he cried “If you’re looking for the Elf-prince, you’re too late! The dwarves have him now!”  He died of his wounds before I could question him further.  I dared not hope that Avorthal may still be alive.

The Master of the Refuge
Cardavor, although reluctant to base his hope upon the words of a foul goblin, was enraged to hear that Avorthal appeared to be held captive by the dwarves.  We elves have long memories and have unpleasant memories associated with our dealing with dwarves, the attack on Edhelion being the most recent.  Cardavor wishes me to travel to Duillond and speak with Dorongúr Whitethorn to lay siege to the dwarves of Ered Luin and rescue Avorthal.

I travelled back to Duillond, and found that the Master of the Refuge is wise indeed,

“For dwarves to work peacefully with goblins is unusual enough, but to conspire in the abduction of an Elf-prince seems foolhardy, even for them.
I will not call our warriors to arms just yet. Cardavor is full of anger, which is to be expected, but as Master of Duillond it is my duty to exercise restraint.
If the dwarves have indeed taken Avorthal, we will fall upon them which such fury that the mountains shall shake at our passing; but this could also be a trick of the goblins. They would have much to gain by a war between Elves and dwarves”.

The Emissary
Dorongúr sent me to speak with Gailthin at Gondamon.  She has been sent as an emissary to ease the growing tensions between the Elves and dwarves, however the rumours of Avorthal’s captivity may prove too much for her to ease by herself.

Gailthin was shocked by the news but she felt that as dwarves have ever coveted the precious things of the elves that it might be the first step to seize the relics we keep at Duillond and Celondim “I thought the dwarves had put their envy of our people behind them, but if this is true…it seems they may still begrudge us our relics and things of beauty.”

Suspicious encampment

While Gailthin is investigating at Gondamon, Eldaeriel is sent to find Aglarchen, who has also been searching for Avorthal.  He is trapped in the dwarven encampment and Eldaeriel assists him in escaping.  He has found out where Avorthal is being held.  It appears that the dwarves have indeed captured him and Eldaeriel is sent to Mathi Stouthand, Lord of Gondamon to confront him with this news.

Mathi explains that Avorthal has not been taken by his people, the Longbeards, but rather by the Dourhands.  Mathi suggests that a neutral party assist in the rescue of Avorthal as tensions are running high and war between the elves and the dwarves must be avoided.  He sends Eldaeriel to Ranger Langlas at Thrasi’s Lodge.

Eldaeriel and Langlas firstly go to the Dourhand encampment where they find that Avorthal has been moved.  Eldaeriel then sneaks into Kheledul and rescues Avorthal who was being held at the docks.


The dwarves and elves unite and prepare to overthrow Skorgrim in Rath Teraig.  However, Skorgrim escapes yet again but has at least been driven from Ered Luin.

Langlas sends Eldaeriel to see his Captain in Bree…  Strider!!!!

I think at this point the hobbits are fleeing the Shire.



  1. thanks for stopping by – I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog :) I love your back story and all the details you describe.

    I’ve been trying to decide if I should carry on, stand back and narrate or whether to try and write in the 1st person and make it more like a story/diary… I think I will try to catch up to where I am and perhaps then try to write in more of a diary form… I haven’t done anything like this before and it seems as though it would be enjoyable and a challenge :)


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