screenshots, changes and superheroes?

So the New Year brought a change I wasn’t expecting.  The four of us ended up leaving our kin and we are currently on recruit status in a new one.  The new kin seems nice and is much livelier than our old one – I haven’t been in a busy guild since EQ2 🙂  I’m not going to say any more about it aside from the fact that although this wasn’t what we had wanted, it may very well turn out for the best.  Its just so nice to log on and have people there in kinchat!

We had an evening spent in my personal alt kin house (especially chosen and decorated for our littlun to play in) and ended up just chatting away on mumble and erm dancing on the stage for ages… I promised not to mention names…

I really must learn some dance moves :P

I really must learn some dance moves

I was finishing up some deeds in the Great River and took this screenshot, which I just really like and am including for some screenshotty goodness 😉

great river tower

Finally, your horse may have a secret.  A mild-mannered steed during the day:

sea blue steed

but does he have an alter-ego?:

I don’t often equip a halter but I was trying one out the other day and thought he looked like Batman…  I would have done more if I’d had more colour packs – you may be grateful for that 😉


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