2012 roundup

I usually do a roundup of my gaming activities around this sort of time, I suppose I may as well this year too 😉  The 22nd of this month will also mark the 4th anniversary of this blog.  Good grief – 4 years of wittering 😉  anyway, onto the roundup…

Team Orange wearing their spiffy orange outfits ;)

Team Orange wearing their spiffy orange outfits

I am still having a lot of fun in lotro (especially with team orange), there are niggles (store + grind) but its where my friends are and its a visually gorgeous, lore rich game.  I expect to be spending most of my MMO time there in 2013.  The only other current contenders are EQ2 and Vanguard on F2P terms.  EQ2 just holds nostalgia and a superb housing / decoration system and Vanguard, well I’d just really like to explore there more.

Single Player Games:
Spent my other gaming time either in Skyrim or Minecraft.  Both great games and this year I will probably also play some Morrowind and I’ve just found Towns (on Steam) which is a fun, addictive, city builder.  There is new content for Skyrim on the horizon and talk of Dragon Age 3 to keep my eye out for too.

The Hobbit:
We went to see this yesterday.  We really, really enjoyed it.  Yes it is a bit long and the addition of Azog did seem a bit unnecessary.  Surprise shock was that I ended up really liking Radagast – bearing in mind I can’t stand Sylvester McCoy as an actor (he ruined Doctor Who for me :P).  As Radagast though, thought he was superb.  Looking forward to the next film.

We do also have Lego Star Wars and Lego Lord of the Rings to play on the PS3 with our littlun.  Both games are a lot of fun, though Star Wars is still his favourite.  We also treated ourselves to new 23″ WS monitors for the desktops, as I was sick of the UI clutter (MMOs) taking up most of the screen.  I cannot believe the difference it has made!  As well as the UI elements taking up much less space (proportionally as well as actually), its as though we have turned the graphics settings up a notch – wasn’t expecting that difference!

Happy New Year 🙂


4 comments on “2012 roundup

  1. nice to hear from you 🙂 GW2 is tempting but… its unlikely if I’m honest. I don’t have time to play a 2nd MMO and I’m having a lot of fun in lotro so… I’d never say never though 😉 Glad to hear you’re enjoying it though 🙂

  2. A happy new year to you too! I’m looking forward to reading more lotro stories (happy to hear it’s still your main game as well, yay) and all the rest. If I ever find the time, I’ll have to try out Dawnguard and Heartfire as well this year… have still been a bit too depressed by my stuck character in Skyrim (and honestly was also just simply missing the time) to continue. Oh and I totally agree with you, the Hobbit was amazing! I also thought Azog wasn’t necessary, but I wasn’t very much annoyed by it. They simply wanted a villain without having to explain a bit, I guess. I personally thought Radagast was perhaps a bit over the top, but also that fitted in the story. I can’t wait until part 2 next year… no, this year!
    To a good 2013! 😀

  3. I’m not surprised that you’re fed up with Skyrim 😦 I haven’t logged in since I found the hearthfire add on is also quite buggy… and it bugged out for me badly… to be fair I haven’t tried to fix it but…

    anyway, yes – let’s hope 2013 is a good one!

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