my war steed

I’ve named my war steed Celebel which translates from Sindarin as Silverstar or possibly Starsilver – I like either permutation.  Now I’m 85 I can equip the second age bridle (from the epic storyline) and I named that Caranor (red day) as I thought it was a highly appropriate name for the Rohan expansion, though the thought of naming a bridle was a little strange…

I caved and I bought one dye pack so that I could dye my horse a smokey black like my favourite normal horse (the Mirkwood reputation horse).  I would like to buy some dye packs for the caparisons (and I would dearly love the elven caparison set which seems to be currently unavailable) but those are way out of my price range for now (and I’m still hoping they may adjust the dye pack price).  It would also be very cool to have markings for your horse (such as a star or a blaze) but well, I guess there is enough to spend your TP on already…

Anyway, here is Eldaeriel and Celebel.  I’m using part of the Steed of the Hunter appearance.



8 comments on “my war steed

  1. someone on the forums said they named their third age weapons in westron, second age in sindarin and if they ever got a first age weapon, quenyan… its a really good system, which I’ve now copied 🙂

    I’ve always named my LM pets in sindarin though, Lossen for my polar bear for e.g. (means snowy iirc)

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