Rohan – a few weeks on

I’ve been playing the new expansion for a few weeks now and so far, my overall opinion is very positive.  We’re at level 81, about to start the quests in the Fangorn area and I’m itching to get to level 84 to start the dailies (grr to real life!)


I’m really enjoying the quests.  Fair enough, they are still mostly of the kill x, click y variety BUT the quest text is interesting, the quests seem to have more voiceovers attached and some quests are just simply awesome (Five against the Wold for example) and some are quite funny (e.g. the fellowship series in Parth Galen).  They also explore the various demands that different settlements are facing, and how the chain of command (Edoras) is at odds with the people’s needs, its been quite interesting seeing how different Thanes are dealing with the threats facing them.  The only downside to the quests is that I haven’t come across anything that is a real challenge so far… its all fairly easy really.  Having said that, I don’t mind really, so long as small group/group content has a good level of challenge (and it usually does so…)

Auto Quest Bestowal
I am really liking this aspect.  There is nothing more annoying than clearing out an area and then being sent back multiple times.  Its much faster, more fluid and more natural – you scout around, you see various dangers, find out information and you deal with it.  No more of this 😉  To make it even easier, you can choose to auto accept automatically bestowed quests (under UI options).

Epic Questline
I’m not going to say too much about this as I don’t want spoil it for anyone else but so far it is excellent (the session play in particular).

Open Tapping
Ah this is great!  I really hope that they extend this (plus auto looting) to the rest of the game.  It makes being in a crowded area much more fun and it feels as though we are united (as we should be).  Its made questing far easier and more social – I’m meeting more new people than I used to 🙂 There are some problems with being in a fellowship as each member still has to tag the mob and if things die too quick, or if you are in a support role you may not get credit.  However, do see the forum post by Sapience here

Auto Loot
I don’t have the words to describe how brilliantly awesome this is.  Please extend to the rest of the game ASAP!  (think of the poor baby alts :O)

Mounted combat
I am a huge fan of this, I am having stupid amounts of fun with my hunter 🙂  I was less impressed on my lore-master at first, but now her horse is around level 20, she is starting to kill things quicker on horseback than on foot and it is starting to feel a bit better.  The only negative things here are that firstly, if the game is laggy (and it is fairly often at the moment) mounted combat is horrible as you speed up, slow down, slide and basically cannot control your movement.  I hope this can be sorted out soon.  Secondly, is the cost of dying your warsteed.  I think the prices for accessories / hides are in the right sort of price range but I really hope they will consider making individual dyes available or making the packs account wide… So I haven’t yet customised my steed (aside from quest rewards and the Steed of the Hunter appearance I already had), which is a shame.

I really like the concept of these and have been having a lot of fun riding across the map and chasing them down.  So far I have only encountered solo or small fellowship level mobs but on Eldaeriel I have been able to solo them all.  They seem to repop in around 5 minutes as well, which is good if you’ve just missed one.  I like the fact they all need slightly different tactics too.  The melee ones just need me to ride round in circles but some have foot-archers which I need to deal with first and one is mounted with mounted allies which is the most challenging one I’ve soloed so far.  I hope they will add more of these as time goes on.

Graphics / Landscape
The zones are beautiful, the towns all have a distinctive look and feel to them, the npc dress is diverse – it just looks amazing.  I did have my graphics turned down, but as it doesn’t seem to have made any difference to the mounted combat lag, I have turned them back up again (hence the varying quality in screenshots above).

Even with the lack of instances (which was known), the insane cost of dyes and the lag, I love this expansion.


5 comments on “Rohan – a few weeks on

  1. oh open tapping is just great – you see fellow players and generally now think oh cool, rather than oi that’s my mob! 😉 hopefully it will become commonplace in MMOs 🙂

    and thank you 😀

  2. I admit I didn’t complete understand the concept of “Open Tapping” on your previous post about the subject. I was thinking it had something to do with people not being able to go AFK if they wanted to get some XP. But from what you say now, it seems to be pretty much like in Guild Wars 2, if you hit the mob, you get credit for it. Just a question, do you get full XP for the kill as long as you tap the mob or the XP you get is dependent on how much DPS you did?

    In any case, that is indeed a huge improvement and something I hope all MMORPGs adopt. No more silly competition with fellow players in PVE!

    All the other things you mentioned sounds cool too and I do hope they are added to the rest of the game. 🙂

  3. I think it is very similar to GW2, as far as I’m aware there is no contribution calculation (you hit it, you get credit & loot if you are within a reasonable distance when it dies). So far, no one seems to really abuse this, which is good because I dislike systems where contributions are counted (a. because in eq2 and public quests it was very buggy, at least initially and b. how can you compare tanking with debuffing? healing v dps? they’re all important roles) I hope though, they will find a workaround for groups (cos sometimes you do need to go afk :D) or at least for warbands to take the panic out of trying to target a moving mob 😉

  4. *nods* Thanks for the answer. And yes, I agree it is better to keep it simple like that. Otherwise it would end up like in your example where it is just too easy for things to get buggy and feel unfair to the people participating on it. Hope they sort out the problems with groups and warbands. 🙂

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