[Reblog] Shades of grey

Hymne describes the situation and her disappointment perfectly. I don’t mind shelling out some RL money for cosmetic options, but these costs are far too high. I urge people to sign the online petition (linked in Hymne’s post)

Cosmetic Lotro

This is my first Riders of Rohan blog post and I’m not really sure how to start it off, because I never expected to be saying the things I am going to say. My first Rohan post was supposed to be a happy post. A post showing off my new warsteed in awesome colours with a mix-‘n-match outfit. A first post of many, sharing  the amazing new possibilities using the warsteed outfit system. Unfortunately, this is not to be. Not because the new warsteed customization options aren’t there, but because those options require a hefty sum of real life money to be accessed.

If I were to give only one of my characters access to all warsteed colours, it would cost me more than the entire Riders of Rohan legendary expansion, over $70. Given the fact that I have four characters going into Rohan, I would need $280 to give…

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2 comments on “[Reblog] Shades of grey

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m still riding around on my grey warsteed, and to be honest, the horse’s cosmetic is one of the reasons I don’t like the new mounted combat that much at all.

  2. I have to say I enjoy mounted combat far more on my hunter than my lore-master… having said that, as mallendis’ horse is levelling up and gaining more skill points it is starting to feel better – but its a definite change in playstyle for the LM… I’m still a noob lm and mallendis is very much an alt, so I wouldn’t really want to state an opinion further than that though 🙂

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