rohan so far…

Launch was fairly rough for us, we patched with no problems in the afternoon but once the servers were up – we were stuck at examining programs…  I should have known really, every expansion I tell myself not to expect to play on launch day but every year I get excited and try anyway…  Tuesday morning though, all fine, straight in, no crashing or other bugs just a bit laggy on the horse at times but I haven’t turned my graphics down which shows its not that bad I guess.

As Dimzad is at work during the day and was out last evening, I haven’t yet logged in Eldaeriel and so I have started Mallendis through the questlines instead.  I had played a hunter during beta and I’m not sure how I’m holding myself back from getting my warsteed for real 😀  Tonight should see Team Orange running around The Wold though!


Mallendis has got her steed though and its a whole different experience from my hunter.  Its quite strange not having my pet though and I can’t quite work out if there is a ranged staff auto attack or how to get it going properly (I think there is).  As I haven’t ventured farther than The Wold I am using a mix of mounted and foot combat, depending upon how tightly packed the area is.  I had originally chosen a Medium warsteed as that seemed more sensible for a lore-master, and it may well be for group combat but I’ve switched to a Light steed for solo which seems a lot more fun.  Its nice that you can just switch (traits too) and try things out without too prohibitive a cost (silver for trait changes, the switch between a light or medium legendary bridle might be more annoying I suppose)

The new areas are just beautiful and riding around at full gallop is just a huge amount of fun.  I love the different gait changes and how solid the horse feels.  I’m looking forward to customising the appearance properly too.  Open tapping is working out brilliantly so far, though no more /afk /follow quest updates though 😛 remote looting is even better and the auto quest bestowal is really nifty too.

I’ve read that a few people are finding it hard to get used to the new system (well I’m paraphrasing here :D), but there are some tips which make the horse a lot easier to control:

  • Once you have some points into agility and turn speed, the horse is far, far easier to manoeuvre.  It doesn’t take too long to get your horse to level 2 or 3 and you will really notice the difference once you’ve put some points in.  *EDIT* this may not be as useful for heavy steeds
  • in beta I took my steed to a grey area to just run around and practice controlling the horse.  Once you have that down, its much easier to control your movement during combat.  For actual combat, I experimented with different speeds and strafing in circles or jousting.
  • try tweaking the controls to find the best setup for you  (e.g. under UI options you can choose that the horse stops when you release the W key, or pressing X to keep camera locked on target)
  • double tapping the S key will bring you to an immediate stop, you can then turn and run back at the mob
  • there is an icon which will bring you to the mob and execute an attack – its useful but it does increase your power costs a lot.
  • speaking of power – keep an eye on your horse’s power!  I ran out of power during a series of fights and it was fairly painful 😛
  • be prepared to get wedged in places and have to dismount to get free (I got stuck behind a pole which I thought was quite funny and so told my kin – my kinmate said he would have laughed at me except that at the time he was stuck in the side of a house :D)

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