Breaking News via The EQ2 Wire — Euro SOE players can stick with SOE

Smed: ProSiebenSat.1 Forced Migration is Dead — Euro SOE Players Can Stick With SOE

Written by Feldon on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 10:27 am

Well, this should change the tone and tenor of the ProSiebenSat.1 Panel at SOE Live a bit.

From SOE President John Smedley’s twitter:

[I] wanted to thank our players for continuing feedback. We’ve been listening along with our European partners at Prosieben.

We’ve found a way to let existing players of our current games that are migrating over to Prosieben (EQ, EQ II, Planetside 2) keep their SOE accounts and stay with SOE. Down the road we may offer an option to move over to Prosieben.

Just to be clear after these games launch on Prosieben’s service new accounts will be created on their sites. However all US and EU players can still play together no matter which service they are on.

I want to be clear that Prosieben will have better European CS and payment options IMO. That’s why we went with them in the first place. Also Prosieben has done a great job of listening and is working on changing some of their CS policies. More to come on that soon.


Just going back and forth with our partners at Prosieben. I can confirm that we WILL offer the ability to migrate to Prosieben. No word on timeframe just yet but shouldn’t take too long.

[I] want to make sure I’m crystal clear – after we launch Planetside 2 – new EU accounts can only be created on Prosieben.

This has subsequently been posted on the EQ2 Forums.

via The EQ2 Wire — EverQuest II News & Commentary.


Huzzah!!!!  Fantastic News!!!!!


5 comments on “Breaking News via The EQ2 Wire — Euro SOE players can stick with SOE

  1. Huzzah indeed! I never expected an outcome like this. Now let’s hope they don’t mess it somehow again!

    As a side note, no, I am not european. But I disliked the whole thing just as much and I was affected indirectly when I played EQ2 due to some european decorators whose work I admired quitting the game due to this whole mess.

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  3. I think that was the nicest thing out of the whole mess – that it wasn’t just the European customers outraged by this. I may well go back now and carry on levelling my guild (in complete slacker fashion ;)) so I can get a guild hall to decorate. and of course VANGUARD 😀 very happy I can now go back and explore there 🙂

    Lotro will remain my main MMO but its nice to have a choice 🙂

  4. Aye. This is one of the nice things about the internet: there are no borders, just people we care about. So when one of those people get screwed over in some fashion, there *will* be a lot of outrage, regardless of people’s physical location.

    Good luck leveling your guild. Decorating a guild hall can be tough but it is fun. 🙂

    And yes, having options is always a good thing! 🙂

  5. This is great news. The only downside is that I will now need to spend my limited game time trying to play both games! It will be interesting to see how much the game has changed since I last played. Will have to get my houses sorted out too – didn’t get round to revamping them after they put the extra rooms in before:)

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