pirates & horses

I had told myself to not expect to play Lotro today and to just ignore it until tomorrow… but of course I’m patching away and watching twitter like a hawk 😛  I can’t wait to get into Rohan and get my warsteed!

To keep myself amused over the last few days, I’ve been making a pirate island.   Kwyn (on the minecraft forums) had posted an amazing ‘near perfect survival seed’ and it’s just fabulous.  The seed is: -3711951296344799968  The link to the thread is http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1485801-132-near-perfect-survival-island/   So far I’ve made a pirate tavern, some pirate houses and started on the Captain’s Overlook, which is sort of half a ship sticking out of an island…  I’ve added a waterfall to the large cove and jungle trees to the small island cove (I’ve found another land mass to plunder!)

I’m having fun anyway 😛


2 comments on “pirates & horses

  1. I *love* your pirate island! A lot of my SL mates took up Minecraft although it never grabbed me (oddly, I’m temped by Linden Lab’s new Minecraft-a-like Places) but i understand the joy of building your own place – do a search in my blog for my jungle, my log cabin & my Shamian Alley slum house – some of my proudest achievements I’m SL, those and the giant flea circus live action show!

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