I had a comment recently which was basically saying that they were getting triple emails for each comment received on my blog and they asked if I could sort this out for them.  I haven’t approved it as I am slightly worried it might be spam (although it didn’t read like spam at all… )

anyway, the upshot is, I can’t seem to do anything about comment subscription – I can’t even see *who* has subscribed to comments, just how many.  If you want to unsubscribe from comments, it looks as though there should be a ‘modify your subscription options’ in the emails you receive.  There is also this help page on

hopefully that helps….

comments unfollow


2 comments on “comments unfollow

  1. yeah i guess it’s because I’m on the free hosting version, I don’t get as much functionality behind the scenes than perhaps if I was self-hosting… although to be honest, I’m not that bothered 😉

    I looked at blogspot and it does have some nice features (the integration with google reader is pretty neat) but I preferred the look of wordpress at the time

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