Its a funny old time at the moment.  Dimzad had 3 weeks off work, we’ve been away on holiday, the weather is still gorgeous but it is now very definitely feeling rather autumnal.  Our little boy is due to start school next week (first ever day!) and so I’m simultaneously waiting for him to start but at the same time trying to stretch out our last week as well and enjoy these last days before he starts properly growing up 😉

Its reflected virtually too, we’re just noodling about when we do log in, finishing deeds, going through some group content… there’s not a huge point in doing much until the expansion as the gear we have is good enough to level up in and we’ve completed the epic books etc etc.  Roots of Fangorn for the jewellery upgrades is probably the only thing we’re ‘behind’ on but we’re probably going to be getting in there soon so…   I’ve got my lore-master to 73 (though her virtues are shocking :P) and so she will be ready to go for Rohan too (not AS ready as Eldaeriel).   Its very strange but I’m actually enjoying playing her (I don’t normally go for ‘magic’ or support classes).  I like the fact that she has so many tools at her disposal, its a good variety.  I’m enjoying thinking about different things in a fight and its a real change of mind-set from playing my hunter.  Eldaeriel will remain my main but it might be nice to occasionally do something different.

The littlun has also discovered Minecraft and has been having great fun chopping things.  He’s very quickly getting the hang of movement (though I still have to rescue him from very deep holes!), left clicking to chop, right clicking to build.  We’re strictly limiting his play time but its lovely to see him having such fun exploring and finding out ‘what’s over there’.  Anyway, as a surprise I built him a space rocket and he loves it!  Its a creative world type so it was very quick to build (under an hour!) and I kept it simple as I was expecting it to be chopped a lot 😉



2 comments on “waiting…

  1. Hiya,

    Hadn’t read your blog in a while, but thought of it again when I decided to give LotRO a try recently (finally seem to have some spare time!). Reading through some of the early articles bought back some fond memories:)

    Remembering a couple of scout vs mage discussions we had, I found this post slightly amusing. Then again, whilst I enjoyed playing my LM initially, I’m currently enjoying playing a warden, and haven’t really got into my RK at all (admittedly all very low level) – seems strange given my tendency to only play mages!

    Still missing EQ2 (cancelled when I got my PSS.1 email as I hadn’t been on in ages and didn’t see the point of resubscribing given the mess it appears to be), but am enjoying LotRO so far, although I bought my first house earlier this week and it was a bit disappointing compared to what EQ2 offered.

    Anyway, hope your (extended) family are all doing well. If you still play your toons on Snowbourn, feel free to pop on and say hi – toon details are on the old LotW forums.

  2. Hiya! good to hear from you! I’m still really enjoying lotro though I’m not gaming quite as often as I used to but its a beautiful world to explore 🙂 I do have a very low level hunter on Snowbourn but I don’t think I’ve logged in there for a long long time… We ended up switching to Laurelin as our RL friends have a Kin there (you might remember Nox?)

    Yes… the lore-master… still surprised at it myself!! I think it is the only magic based class I’ve ever (and I mean ever!) played past lvl 15 or so!! I have been missing my inq from eq2 (though i was such an awful healer :P)… she was also good to play as a change.

    grr shame about the different servers 😦

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