go team orange!

So Aeowulf, Dimzad and I finally got going and decided to finish the Isengard 3-man challenges.  We had completed the Dargnakh T2 challenge back in Spring but we took a break and didn’t complete Fangorn’s Edge and Pits of Isengard on T2 challenge.  We actually found the T2 challenge to be easier than the T1 deed in that instance, although in T2 I am relegated to be on ‘watch’ duty as there no point (and more chance to feck it up) with dps when you need the light to defeat him.  T1 though, we thought would be quicker and easier, but as Aeo (warden) got stunned a lot I really had to watch my dps and keep it low and steady…  It is actually very frustrating to do this and I was close to developing dps tourettes but I managed to resist and we finally killed him 😛

Last week we did Pits on challenge mode and the other night Fangorn’s Edge 😀  Go team orange!!  Its good to have finally finished those although for some reason we did it in reverse order of difficulty…  Pits is sort of a fun zone, the first boss is a very hectic but quite fun fight and the last two bosses are easy in comparison.  Fangorn’s Edge ended up being our nemesis for a while, I just couldn’t get the trolls burned down quick enough as normally I’d get one dead, one nearly dead and then it would all go pear shaped…  We ended up having Dimzad go in dps specced and then he switched between heals and dpsing on the trolls which worked.  So anyways, we were really chuffed to have done those and we now plan to finish the T2 challenge mode in Halls of Night, the final deed (not counting the riddles!) outstanding for the Forsaken Inn instance ~ Perfect Fellowship and maybe progress the In Their Absence chain while we’re waiting for the expansion.  Soon we should have our minstrel friend join us and I think we’ll be able to start doing some 6-mans which should be a lot of fun.

Dimzad and I also finished our Limlight Gorge reputation and deeds.  We ended up duoing them!  I’m still not sure how Dimzad kept me alive 😛  but it actually didn’t take very long, though obviously far quicker in a group.

Other news:

I’m still fairly busy with RL and levelling up Mallendis, my lore-master.  She’s currently lvl 64 and I’d really like to get her to lvl 75 before the expansion hits.  I’m not sure I’ll quite do it but I shall try.

As I’m quite busy, I’m getting some posts scheduled for the next few weeks, hopefully including a new elvish place names post and the next instalment of the Tale of the Red Maid.

SOE…  I’m in a real quandary here….  I had logged into Vanguard and really enjoyed just noodling around (its a beautiful world to noodle in) but then came the news that Prosieben sat is now getting the EU subs for not only EQ2 but EQ AND Vanguard as well 😦  The DCUO transfer doesn’t seem to be going particularly well with some customer service horror stories.  I’m just not happy with the provider so I have cancelled my Vanguard sub in protest.  I really want to play Vanguard though (where I’ll get the time I don’t know!) so I really don’t know whether to risk transferring my account or not… I’m leaning towards not :/


4 comments on “go team orange!

  1. Woo~ Congratulations to Team Orange! (love that name and each one’s target marking by the way! 🙂 )

    About Vanguard, yes, I am disappointed about it too. Actually, I am disappointed about the whole thing since I found out about it for EQ2. And I am not even being affected directly by it!

    I have left the game months ago because of it. I am now seriously thinking about returning briefly just to spend all the SC I was saving for when I was going to continue playing as a silver member, go on a decoration spree and then finally leave once and for all, without ever looking back. We’ll see. Still got enough to keep me busy right now.

  2. thanks 🙂 team orange is all down to aeowulf – we’re not sure why he chose that!

    vanguard/eq2 – its a real shame and I just have no idea why they thought this was a good idea…. They could have at least chosen a proper games company :/ although the lotro experience is actually better now we’re all under Turbine, I have to say I was happy with Codemasters…

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