little by little, one travels far

Sorry, this is going to be a screenshot bare update as I don’t really have access to my PC at the moment (family staying :)), Avast is reporting malware from a Steam update (false positive I think, although Avast definitions are up to date), the .bmp screenshots are saying they are corrupt and I can’t open them and I just don’t have time to sort it all out 😦

So I’ve been back playing Skyrim after a fairly long break.  Scarily I’ve now put in about 160 hours on the game and I’m still not bored or anywhere near finishing it 😉  After playing around with a couple of new characters (still bow wielding sneak thieves!) I’ve gone back to my original character to try and sort out where I’m up to quest-wise and I’ve now braved the shite spread across her 6 houses and am currently consolidating into one crippling monthly repayment,   a mess , a new house.  I will be posting on the inventory side of things for Ambermist’s latest challenge so I will say no more here.

I’ve also downloaded quite a few new mods (last time I played, the Steam Workshop had only just released I think) and they are proving to be a lot of fun.  I’m currently using the better roads and maps and SkyUI (which I had installed early on via the Nexus site) but now I also have Better Females (not entirely to my taste but stops my female wood elf from looking like a man ;)), The Reserve (a stunningly beautiful house which has everything you might need), the Build Your Own House mod (fun!), a couple of graphics enhancers, arrow crafting and erm a cheat…  Its basically a mod which gives you the perks you are entitled to based on skill level rather than the standard one perk per level.  Its slightly overpowered but I think I’ve put enough hours in by now to justify it 😉  I can’t remember the name and I can’t currently look it up – sorry (but search for perks under cheats and you should find it).

I’m currently deciding what to do next.  I’m thane in all available cities, halfway through the dragon shout questline, halfway through the main questline (sided with the imperials), guild master of the thieves guild and am archmage of the magic college (which is ironic given how little I use magic).  I may skill up the crafting and work on filling/completing the two new houses and just carry on dungeon running and exploring for now.

We played lotro on Saturday evening and had a lot of fun finally doing the Culling Pit quests with Team Orange (that’s my hunter, Dimzad’s RK and Aeowulf’s warden!  Aeo came up with the name….) and then doing Saruman’s armPits Pits of Isengard on T2 challenge.  We were successful but because Aeo and I popped out between kills, our quests reset so we’ll have to do it again to get the deed.  Its pretty easy once you get past Zaburz (sp?) which is quite hectic but fun.  Hopefully we’re grouping again on Wednesday night 🙂  I feel like I ought to be working on my Limlight Gorge faction, but with the expansion so close there does seem little point in grinding for level 75 gear.  I do want to try and push Mallendis to 75 though, as she is my Cook and it would be great if she could get the faction recipes.  She’s currently level 58 so it is possible….  I’m not intending grouping with her, although occasionally it might be fun 🙂

I haven’t had time or the mental energy to look at the new festival though.  There are a couple of cosmetic pieces I would like to get so hopefully I’ll get time in the week to check it out.

I may also have to pause the Tale of the Red Maid posts, August is a horrendously busy month and they are not in a fit state to publish as yet.  I will see how it goes and will try to get them out if I can.


3 comments on “little by little, one travels far

  1. Great to hear about you playing Skyrim again. It’s always so much fun to read other people’s experiences with games that you play yourself.

    I LOVE the Skyrim mods. One day my mods weren’t working and I had to ‘deploy the boyfriend’ to get them to work again. Still not sure what was wrong, but without them the game felt near unplayable. It looks so much better with!

    You name quite some mods I haven’t heard of, by the way. I’m not such a fan of ‘glamourous women’ (if you get what I mean), but they did seem to improve the lighting on the skin there. Perhaps I should try that out after all. I just hope my character won’t turn into a doll. *dilemma*

    Build Your Own House sounds like FUN. I couldn’t find it on the Skyri Nexus, though. How does it work? Do you get the option to build a house in-game anyway, or do you need a mod for it to work? I have the Whiterun house at the moment, but don’t like a cityhouse. I would much prefer one in a nature environment (like Riverwood, such a cute town!).

    And about LotRO… I wouldn’t care too much about gear indeed, but now is the time to level the characters you want to play on level cap. When RoR is there, you’ll probably want to play the new content and not be busy with any RoI stuff, so seems like a good plan to me. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I’ve been playing Skyrim recently too. Maybe playing a little too much of it since I’ve been ignoring the MMORPGs and the events going on them right now!

    Still it is been fun and I’ve accomplished a few things I wanted, updated some of my mods to their latest versions and now I am fiddling with the Creation Kit.

    I will just ninja answer Ravanel’s question about the “Build Your Own Home”. You can find it here:

    And the way it works is there is a book you loot from the location. On that book there is instructions on the stuff you can build and what you need for it. Then you go off gathering the crafting materials and choose what you want to build from the local crafting table. It is pretty modular so you can choose to build only the parts of the house you want and there are different decoration options for the interior and the secret room.

  3. ah thanks Rakuno 🙂 apologies have been pretty busy over the last few days. Let us know if you ever get any further with the creation kit – would happily test out for you 🙂

    I was using Skyrim Nexus, but I’ve been finding the steam workshop easier (ok actually nexus is pretty easy too… so perhaps more convenient (lazier?!) seeing as you access via the steam page!) I’ll try and make a proper list of mods that I use – but for housing, honestly The Reserve is the way to go! Its just outside Rorikstead (out of a city), I think I might have spotted a housing mod for Riverwood too… Might be worth checking out 🙂 The build your own house is a lot of fun too though and also can build everything you need… 🙂

    re: character models. yes to be honest I’d rather use the standard models but I just don’t like the way wood elves look. The mod I use (Better Females) basically just slightly over airbrushes the skin and she seems to lose the really sharp edges on her face, she does look more plasticky I suppose though. Its stupid really, I rarely look at her!

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