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… some great sites

MMO Melting Pot:
If you’re not already reading the MMO Melting Pot, you should give it a look.  They showcase the best blog articles on MMORPGs from WOW to EVE, from hundreds of blogs you might not have heard of.  If you want to hear interesting new ideas, discover fun new blogs to read or find out what everyone thinks of the hot new issues – check them out.  They update daily.  This week they’ve covered WoW’s raiding problems and the question of whether attunements should come back, plus the question of whether Guild Wars 2 will be any good, amongst other things! (although by the time I’ve posted this, its probably within the last fortnight :P)

I really enjoy reading this roundup and I like the variety of different games it covers.

Gaming Blog Nexus:
The Gaming Blog Nexus was created as a direct result of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. It seemed common sense to have a blog aggregation service that collates all the latest posts from the best gaming blogs on the internet.”  Joining is very simple (see this page for details) and they have further information about the site here.  There is a wide range of blogs here, covering many different angles of the gaming/MMO scene, including both well known blogs (such as Bio Break, CSTM) and smaller blogs (such as mine ;))

*EDIT – knew I’d forgotten something – sorry*
Lotro Combo Blog:
This is another great aggregation site, but the focus is on lotro based sites (or a lotro rss feed if you cover lotro plus other games).  If you’re interested see the main page here and information on submitting your site here.

I really enjoy the following:
Contains Moderate Peril  Too Long; Didn’t Listen  Lotro Reporter  Casual Stroll to Mordor  (Lotro Reporter and CSTM are lotro based whilst the other two are more wide ranging in their topics but do include lotro, MMOs)

Site Admin:
I’ll be putting up an index page for the Tale of the Red Maid series (will be found under the lotro tab above).
I’ve renamed my twitter account to Eldaeriel (link to the right has been updated) as well… its time to move on from the Suzita of EQ2 blogging days.
I do have a Facebook page too, if anyone prefers getting updates from there.

Is anyone linking to me and I’m not reciprocating?  Let me know and I’ll remedy asap.
Talking of the blogroll…  Its pretty unwieldy – anyone got any good ideas on how to organise?


7 comments on “a shout out to…

  1. I am so going to steal ideas for blog roll organization when people post them haha!!! I have been putting off actually making one because I am not sure how to start.

  2. Fingers crossed someone has a bright idea 🙂 my blog roll basically reflects those blogs I read, but… my google reader and the blogroll need to be synced. I might just have to bite the bullet, sync the two somehow and then paste the rss in… probably answered my own question 😉 though would be interesting to hear how other people organise their blogroll…

  3. The best idea I’ve seem so far for blogrolls has been on Nerdy Bookahs where they have a separate page with the logos of different blogs they link to. Then they have a small picture of that page on the side bar of the blog. I’ve been pondering about stealing that idea but considering the amount of links on my blog roll it might not work so well….

    So… yeah, I will keep an eye on the comments here and just do like Eva and steal any good idea that is posted. :p

  4. @Rakuno That’s actually quite a fine idea. I get very few clickthroughs on my blogroll, and so perhaps a page would be a better way to help out my blogger comrades. And the extra space to include an image and the title of the first post would be nice…

  5. Blogrolls are a pain. The ideas I’ve seen around so far:

    1) A long list (like you got)
    2) Lists broken up in themes (e.g. games)
    3) Lists featuring the latest posts on top
    4) Separate tab with list or blog buttons

    I really can’t think of any other ideas, sorry!

    I use a combination between 2) and 3) myself, to prevent a really long list – not that there’s anything wrong with that, actually, most bloggers just have a long list. As selection for 2) I picked the main games I play (LotRO & SWTOR); all blogs that write about games I don’t play went into 3) (called it “MMO blogroll”). The hard thing is how to categorize, because many blogs write about multiple games. I did it as best as I could, picked what I thought was the “main game” of a blog, and can only hope the authors are okay with it.

    As for 3), I love how the most active blogs are on top, and it’s also my personal way of finding out if befriended blogs have new posts so I can check them out. I’ve set my MMO blogroll to show a maximum of 10 posts, so the list doesn’t get too long. You can always click “show all” if you want to see them all anyway. If a blog goes inactive it will drop down the list, but it will automatically get on top again when they start posting again.

    About 4): I love blog buttons, they are nice to look at, and give an impression about the blog. Here is an example:


    Cute eh? Practical problem: probably not all the blogs you know *have* a blog button. Practical problem II: you probably don’t want the buttons on your front page (I think it would look a bit like advertisement, too busy), so you’ll have to put them in a tab. And tabs are a bit hidden away. As a reader, I prefer blogs that have a blogroll on their front page. It gives an impression about the taste of the writer, it gives a feeling of community and it’s of course fun to check out blogs you don’t know. I notice myself that I read blogs without any blogroll less.

    Okay, that sorta became a wall of text, sorry for that! If you’re not happy with your current blogroll, I’d look into 2) or 3), but I wouldn’t know any other solutions either. Hope this was of any use at all.

  6. thanks all – its good to hear that I’m not the only one who finds the blogroll unwieldy… sort of!!

    @rakuno it is a lovely idea to have the icons but l agree, if you have lots of links it would be a huge amount of work…

    @machination actually thanks for pointing out that people tend to click on links within posts, rather than from the blogroll – I’ve noticed the same with my blog, they do occasionally but I’m not sure its often enough to justify that huge blogroll widget…

    @ravanel very helpful thank you – it does seem there isn’t an easy solution

    WordPress does have a new widget for blogs you follow which is really nice as it does include icons if you wish BUT as far as I can see, it only works for other wordpress blogs which is a big drawback…

    I think I might take a deep breath, sync my blogroll with google reader and then post an rss feed of that, similar to the gaming blog nexus widget I have. I may stick a page of links up as well…

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