weekly screenshot: cool weapons

moria epic instance

After seeing The Khazad Guard’s gorgeous screenshots I was reminded of the (not as gorgeous) shots that I took while we were fighting. Apologies for the floating numbers 😉  I remember while we were fighting this, we were saying ooh look at those swords, they’re really cool, they’re a bit like the klingon swords in DS9 (bat’leth as I found out when I googled it ;))


3 comments on “weekly screenshot: cool weapons

  1. I didnt even take any screenies of these Rogmul, I saved it all for the boss fight. Going to have to go back in and take some more, because these are just as interesting. The swords do look ace and are very fitting for these mad creatures. Instance is definately worth running just for stunning graphics and atmos if nothing else.

  2. I think we will go back in there as I definitely want to take some better screenshots. I have to admit that as it was our very first time through we were slightly stunned and slightly panicky the whole way through – a good mix of ooh this is cool, that’s a bit scary! and I really don’t want to mess this up and start again! 🙂

    thanks for your comments 🙂

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