week 3 challenge: my main characters

I’m loving Ambermist’s challenges – really fun to do and to read how others have responded.  Its also nice to have some direction for a change, especially as currently both I and my toddler are cold-afflicted again 😉

so… this week’s challenge – my main characters… this could be lengthy so be warned 😛

L-R Dimzad, Suzita, Emaimee, Kajen, illusionist, Kalyyn

my first MMO character was a ranger called Suzita in Everquest 2.  I created her in September 2006 as my first character and she stayed as my main all the way through.  Although she was my first MMO char, she was based upon the characters I had made in Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion.  Through their lovely classless system I found I had a talent for sneaking, stabbing and killing things from afar with a bow (and preferably from behind cover or deep in a shadow).  I also discovered the fun of kiting in Oblivion, I still remember running backwards across half the map pew-pewing away and desperately hoping to find a town with some guards to um help out with the horde chasing me 🙂  Anyway, so I had to choose between a Ranger and an Assassin in EQ2 and I plumped for the Ranger as it was the ranged specialist.


My Elder Scrolls name was already taken so I had to suddenly think of a new name…  I ended up trying out variations of my name and came up with Suzita.  I sort of regret that now as its a bit of a crappy name really, makes you think more of an exotic stage dancer than a wood elf ranger… nevermind eh? 😛

Oh yeah, I always roll a red-haired (or as red haired as I can) wood elf  – I kinda like the laidback hippieness combined with the GET ORF MOI LAND OR I’LL KILL YOU!!!! nature of the wood elves (and they tend to have +stats with bows) and I used to have pillar-box red hair in my 20s and I really miss it, so my characters have it instead now ;)).  I gave her the surname Starshadow as I thought it fit with her sneaking, woodland ways.  I never had a backstory for her… but she ended up being quite a fearless, cheerful character who loved killing orcs (with a special talent for room pulls).  This blog was named after her and used to just cover EQ2 but once my blogging branched out to other games, I dropped the suzita element.


Next came along Eldaeriel in Lord of the Rings online.  I already knew she would be a hunter and I decided that she would hail from Mirkwood, to keep in with the wood elf theme (plus Mirkwood is fantastic, both in the literature and in the game).  As I rolled on a RP server, I thought Suzita would be too jarring, so instead I translated starshadow into Sindarin (el, dae) and as Eldae was already taken I stuck on -riel as a typical Elvish ending.   Although I’m currently taking a break from lotro, I will be taking Eldaeriel through the new expansion in the Autumn.  I did end up creating a backstory for Eldaeriel for a project that I’m currently also taking a break from 😉

eldae the dreaded bard


suzita the ranger

Recently I rolled a bard named Eldae (a red haired wood elf – who’da thunk it!) in Everquest.  I decided that perhaps I ought to grow up and play a ‘proper’ class for a change – BIG mistake.  She is now known as the dreaded Bard and I hate playing her.  I should have stuck with a ranger…  The only other class I’ve ever enjoyed playing was Saraya, my inquisitor from EQ2.  I liked her mainly because she had a big thwacky hammer and good dps – I was awful at remembering to heal people though.  Finally, I’ve just picked up an old character in Vanguard that I made back in 2009.  Any guesses? yup a red haired wood elf exotic dancer ranger named Suzita… full circle 😀

6 comments on “week 3 challenge: my main characters

  1. I’m sorry you guys both have a cold, that’s the worst. I AM glad that you got the opportunity to write this, though!

    It was really clever of you to translate the name Starshadow and use it that way. The closest I’ve come is using the names “Maber” (a common typo when people–especially a certain dwarf who used to be my raid leader–type “Amber”) and “Rebam,” which is just “Maber” spelled backwards…lol.

    Full circle isn’t so bad, happy hunting to your red-haired wood elf Vanguard ranger! 😀

  2. thanks Ambermist 🙂 I have to admit I’ve become quite partial to the name Eldaeriel now, but I will always have a soft spot for Suzita. Haha I love the fact you used the typos for new names, great idea!

    Although talking of name typos, I did semi retire my assassin named Asirra because of that… no prizes for guessing what it got shortened to 😛

  3. Bards were a notoriously difficult class to play well, back in the days when I were still playing EQ1. My guess is you should roll a ranger or a druid (if you like kiting) and you’ll see a whole new side of the game open up for you. I used to play a chanter – not for the faint-hearted 🙂 I still think EQ1 was the best game I’ve ever played.

  4. Yeah I can see that, in retrospect I don’t think the bard class was a good choice of class for first time through the game. I’m not finding the actual game itself particularly difficult (unsurprisingly as eq pretty much setup all the basics we expect in MMOs these days ;)) but obviously I just don’t know the areas or the finer points of detail.

    ah well 😉

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