wordpress tips – screenshots (nbi)

WordPress has a number of ways to use screenshots in a post.  A free wordpress account will give a very generous 3GB of storage, I have been blogging for 3 years and have TONS of screenshots and images uploaded and I still have 2.9GB left!  If you embed videos though, I expect this will eat up the storage quicker…  So you can insert a link to Flickr or Photobucket, but if you’re just using images my advice would be to upload away   you will have more options with your screenshots if you do.

Insert image:
As you can see above, the simplest way is to simply insert a full size image (preview and adjust smaller if necessary as some themes will post HUGE images ;))  Generally though, if you have a fixed width post column, the large size will adjust to the size of your post width (kept in proportion with the height).

Thumbnails and wrapped text:

You can also wrap your text around a thumbnail or a small image.  Click on the image and choose left or right hand justify and your text will wrap accordingly.  This can be quite tricky to format – it works best with a good chunk of text which continues on past the image.  I am now having to type extra text in order to be able to start a new paragraph away from the thumbnail image 😉

If you have more than image, you can consider using either the gallery function or the slideshow function.  In order to use these functions you need to upload them and click ‘save all changes’.  You will then notice you have a gallery tab and from here you insert either a gallery or a slideshow.


You can choose the number of columns, whether to link to the image file or an attachment page and in which order the images appear.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

again with the slideshow you can change the order of images show.  You can add a caption to each image too.  If you add the caption as you upload the images, the caption stays with the image.  If you add a caption under the gallery tab, the caption only shows on the gallery or slideshow.  You can choose the order in which images appear and use any images from your media library.

Some other really helpful advice columns re: screenshots:


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