newbie blogger initiative launches today!

May is the month for Newbie Bloggers!  The Newbie Blogger Initiative (organised by Syp of Biobreak/Massively) will give new bloggers help and support to get started plus a shedload of publicity once you’ve established your site – there are over 70 well known and established blogs lining up to support this!

During the month of May many blogs, incuding mine, will be posting at least one article giving advice and tips.  Then at the end of May we will be publishing on our blogs a list of all the new blogs and links to the advice columns.

so… why do I blog and why should YOU blog?

I started blogging because I started reading gaming blogs, really enjoyed them and thought I’d enjoy writing about my gaming experiences too.  The interaction with other bloggers is also pretty cool 🙂

I love reading about other people’s experiences with the games I play and their opinions, screenshots, creative efforts, news, speculation…

and that’s why YOU should blog – I want to read what you’re doing or thinking or writing or drawing about games 😀

how to get involved:

Head over to the Newbie Blogger Initiative forums, have a look around and register (a simple 5 min process).

Read the posts filed under Newbie Bloggers, especially the newbie blogger instructions.  If you have any questions, ASK us 😀

I’ll be posting my first advice column tomorrow (with suggestions for subjects and getting started) and will try to publish some further articles later in the month (will file under the menu above).

NBI Sponsor Blogs: Games and GeekeryThe Wild Boar InnMMO FalloutTastes Like Battle ChickenGrimnir’s GrudgeRoll One HundredDragonchasersArdwulf’s LairInventory Full,Jaded AltArk’s ArkTremayne’s LawBlog de la BurroJust One MMOreDocHoliday’s MMO SaloonHigh Latency LifeMMO Gamer ChickSkycandyNomnom.infoHunter’s InsightLife is a Mind Bending PuzzleBerath’s Brain BurpsEpic SlantBullet PointsProfessor Beej,Journeys with JayeScreaming MonkeysWelcome to SpinksvilleVicarious ExistenceCasual is as Casual DoesStar ShadowI Have Touched The SkyThe Ancient Gaming Noob, Just One More UnlockA Ding WorldYeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love InStropp’s WorldKill Ten RatsThe Jedi GambitBeau HindmanBlue KaeGankaliciousLive Like a NerdCasual Stroll to MordorTish Tosh TeshCasting a ShaddoeA Green MushroomALT:ernativeParallel ContextETCmmoAvatars of SteelTales of the AggronautWest KaranaContains Moderate PerilThe Stories of OLevelcappedLOTRO FashionMr. Meh’s SupplicationMalchome’s Mind/RestokinNerdy BookahsT.R. Red SkiesWadstompScary WorldsMMO Compendium,Shards of ImaginationArdent DefenderBlog of the VagabondCreep the ProphetGamer BC,Gamer LadyPPsychochildTiger EarsMana ObscuraSheep the DiamondWorld of Matticus


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