everquest: trials and tips

Qeynos (hmm... reckon they need 10 rats killing? ;))

Thanks to our weekly group I’ve got my bard to level 44 but getting her to that level, I realised that I don’t actually find her fun to play…  So I’ve started levelling a druid and I’m already finding it a lot more fun 🙂  Its also quite nice exploring and doing a few quests, I’m starting to feel more at home with the game now.  However, I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to get her to lvl 40ish in time for Wednesday so I had another go at soloing with the bard.

and… I discovered macros – which has made my life so much easier!  part of the problem I was having was that once you are singing / playing a song, everything else is greyed out.  So I made some macros for songs I use a lot (like run speed, slow) and these don’t grey out so I can see what is where.  I then also made some macros to twist 4 songs together – I made a buff macro and a dps with a slow macro, so fingers crossed I should be more useful in group now 😉

macros for newbie bards:
open your actions menu (alt+m or icon on main bar), click on the socials tab (speech bubble) and go to first empty page.  Right click on an empty slot, name your macro and choose the colour (if you want).  then write the macro commands in the first line.  Once its in your actions menu, left click and hold to transfer it to your hotbar.

to cast a spell or song:
/cast x (x being the spell gem number)

to twist up to 4 songs:
/melody x x x x

random things I’ve found out:

  • – key on numpad to take a screenshot (.bmp)
  • shift + p for the potion belt (easiest way to use potions)
  • bind the track ability to a movement key (I chose A for left) – easiest way of levelling track
  • going afk and singing is a good way to increase your bard skills (e.g. percussion, wind etc)
  • food and drink get consumed automatically in your bags
  • *spell gem bar is the bar that holds the 8 spells or songs that you have currently memorised.



2 comments on “everquest: trials and tips

  1. At level 44 you should start training your crowd control skills. I don’t know how important this is nowadays. But this bard of hold cut his teeth by keeping up to four mobs in Solusek B or Karnors Castle in check. Go out and train your mez songs on single mobs, just to see how it works. As for mezzing multiple mobs, keep in mind that the mez hits the mob you had targeted when the song started. Giving you extra seconds to use. Target, start the song, move to the next target.
    One more thing: Mez interrupts spells.

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