legendary items: relics

continuing on from legendary items: general tips and legacies.


  • There are 4 types of relics: setting, rune, gem and a crafted relic.  The first 3 are obtained via deconstructing legendary items or from fused relics (quest rewards, skirmish barter, instance drops plus see comment below).  The crafted relic is made by a guilded crafter (all craft types make the same relics see comment below re crafted relics), which is then bartered for the relic.
  • The higher the level the item when you deconstruct, generally the more relics you receive.  However, if you are going through and just deconstructing for relics, it is worth raising the item’s level to 2 if you can (level 1 you receive 1 relic, level 2 you receive 3 to 5 – see comment below also).
  • under the relic forging tab, auto combine up to the tier you wish (I’m as sure as I can be that the results are random however you do it, however manually combine if there are relics at a certain tier you want to keep).  I would guess Tier 4 for around level 55 and Tier 6 for level 75.  (Yes Tier 7 is level 75 BUT I found the Tier 6 extraordinary relics to be more useful than the Tier 7 remarkable… worth checking before you merrily combine up to Tier 7 :))
  • relic melding tab.  here you can forge existing relics into a specific relics.  Also check out the unique (lvl 55), singular (lvl 60), extraordinary (lvl 65) and remarkable (lvl 75).
  • shards… you get these via the refining tab by blowing up existing relics.  You can also occasionally get these when deconstructing legendary items.  If you have a guilded crafter, you can make the lowest level crafted relic (once a day) and blow this up for a decent amount of shards (there will be a crafted relic choice on the drop down tab).
  • the infused garnets, adamants and sapphires that drop in the Mines of Moria are used for instances which give a fused relic as one of its rewards (quest givers in The Dolven-View).  I found these almost impossible to do at level so you may want to wait until you are higher level or it may have been me being a bit rubbish 😉
  • At level 75, there are daily repeatable quests from Galtrev which reward you with fused relics.

8 comments on “legendary items: relics

  1. The different crafting guild professions all make different stat relics, the +10 and +20 to a given stat, and those can be traded for or bought on the AH. (Woodworker makes agility relics, Metalsmith makes might relics, etc.) The highest relic is the same for all professions, and it’s bound to the crafter.

    Also, fused relics are sometimes found on the AH (reasonableness of prices may vary…) — likely these will be the fused relics received as quest rewards, and it can be useful to buy them if too low level to be able to do the quest…

  2. Level to 2 … ALWAYS do this.
    If you decon at 1 you get 1 tier 1 relic.
    If you decon at 2 you get the equivalent of a tier 3 relic on average (I have recorded over 200 results so am happy this is reliable)

    With 24 Moria medallions you can barter for a tier 6 relic; I find this even better now the medallions are bound to account.

  3. @Indy: Hi mate – 2 quick questions:

    1) What crafting level can professions start making LI relics? Supreme or above?

    2) Are all the crafted relics bound to the character masking them, or can my metalworker supply relics for all my alts?

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