legendary items: legacies

Carrying on from the general legendary item guide:

  • If you level legendary items up to level 30 and then deconstruct, you can choose a legacy to extract.  Start gathering the legacies you wish for your main items.
  • Third Age weapons are quite common so it would be entirely feasible to have more than one to suit different purposes (e.g. solo, group, healing, dps).  As they are quite common, they are good to practice on and get your head around the legendary system 🙂
  • I would advise deconstructing any extra weapons you get to get a good store of relics for  your main legendary items.  Remember, the legacies you extract will revert to Tier 2 when extracted.
  • Legacies come in tiers… Tier 1 being the lowest and Tier 7 being the highest.  Tier 4 is around level 55 and Tier 7 is around level 75.
  • You also have Major and Minor legacies.  The only difference being that a major legacy can only replace a major legacy whereas a minor legacy can replace either a major or a minor legacy.  As far as I can see there are useful legacies in both major and minor categories (I originally thought minor legacies were the rubbish ones…)
  • You start with 3 legacies on your legendary item, at level 10, 20 and 30 you get a new legacy to add.  At levels 40, 50, and 60 the tier of the legacies on your item can be upgraded.  Make sure you have the legacies you want on your legendary before it reaches level 40.
  • The higher the tier of your legacy, the cheaper it is to level that legacy which means overall you can put points into more legacies the higher they are.

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4 comments on “legendary items: legacies

  1. that was someone else on your blog! I thought it didn’t make a difference but haven’t tested it out, he has and it seems that you get a ton more at 31 etc. now why that is and why that isn’t widely known I just don’t know. I’ll post and see if he/she minds if I copy over their comments 🙂

  2. I’ve been told that deconning at 20 is the same as deconning at 11, whereas deconning at 21 is the same as deconning at 30, if you take my meaning. If you’re just after the legacy, it’s still worth it to push past for that 1 extra level, but no further, as there’s nothing but more/better relics past 41+ (that is, you don’t get extra legacies for deconning at 60+). The rollover in relic quality doesn’t happen until you take it that one level further.

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