legendary items: general tips

This is my take on how to level a legendary weapon, as when I first came across them they were pretty terrifying and the system is pretty complex.  I’m not going to explain all the ins and outs of the system (see lotro wiki relics, items, and casual stroll to mordor guides) or give class specific advice (see your class forums).  This is a series of tips rather than a complete guide.  I’ve split into three posts as it was a massive wall of text.

General tips:

  • You need to complete Volume 2, Book1 (14 chapters) in order to have full access to the legendary item system (this also gives you your main hand legendary item, a class item and access to Moria).  You can start this at level 45, although you might want to duo at that level.
  • So firstly, decide which level weapon/class item you want to make your main items.  I imagine either a third age or second age at level 75 or if you are not on the levelling treadmill you might want to look at level 55, 60 etc (also at lower levels check out the cost of a symbol of celebrimbor for a second age weapon – you might find its affordable now).
  • Note: if you are working towards a level 75 remember that legacies from items under level 65 cannot be put on level 65+ weapons.  You will probably also find yourself switching and using the higher level weapons you gain as you level.
  • you get a choice to name your weapon when you re-forge.  Its good to do this for your main weapons/items as it lessens the likelihood of accidentally blowing them up!
  • You’re basically customising an item with legacies and relics.
  • you can use a scroll of lesser empowerment (up to lvl 60), scroll of empowerment (up to lvl 65) or greater empowerment (up to lvl 85) to increase your legacy tier by 1 for each scroll.
  • you can use a scroll of lesser delving (up to lvl 60), scroll of delving (up to lvl 75) or greater delving (up to lvl 85) to increase your legendary level to 70.
  • scroll of lesser renewal resets your points on items up to lvl 65 and a scroll of renewal does the same for items up to lvl 75 (also available during re-forging)
  • how to many to level at once?  well its up to you but basically the more items you slot, the more xp you get but that extra xp is obviously divided between all… not easy to explain so, see the table on the lotro wiki
  • I would only slot relics / spend points on the legendary items I’m going to use or on items I would use situationally.

General levelling guide:

  1. read relic and legacy guides first 😛
  2. identify and either equip to level your item or level to 30 to extract a legacy or deconstruct for relics
  3. whilst levelling continue to gather legendary items for legacies or relics
  4. auto combine your relics to the relevant tier
  5. run daily instances if you can for legendary item drops and fused relic rewards
  6. craft lesser sealed symbols to refine for shards (if you have a crafter)
  7. on your main legendary item, make sure you have the legacies you want between level 30 and 39, use a delving scroll if you want to increase the level.  Spend your points as you level – use the scrolls of renewal to reset and re-spend your points as you need to.
  8. slot the relics you want (use the relic forging tab if the standard ones aren’t suitable) and your crafted relic.
  9. Add a damage scroll (available from Greater Delving repeatable quests, barterers Moria onwards, Galtrev repeatables).
  10. grind skirmish marks/medallions for empowerment scrolls to increase your legacies.

useful? makes sense? have I left anything which is particularly confusing out?  (please check the relic and legacy tips first).  hope it helps someone anyway 🙂

edit: ps. am not an expert by any means, so thanks to people who have posted to point out mistakes / clarify information.  If there is anything else wrong or not clear – please let me know also 🙂


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