well after being super-organised and managing to get three posts scheduled to be published while I was away (last week), I’ve now not managed to post at all since I’m back 😛    Our toddler is developing his immune system and catching any bug that floats past and he kindly sometimes passes onto us too 😛  and there is a backlog of housework/washing/appts/errands to catch up on – which is obviously super-exciting for you lot to read 😉  Anyways, should all be settled back down very soon and I’ll be back to posting regularly.

Planned posts:  

  • hoping to get a dwarven runekeeper outfit posted on Friday (modelled and designed by supermodel-turned-designer Dimzad – screenshots by noted fashion photographer Eldaeriel
  • updated spreadsheet for cook repasts (and possibly one for regen/trail food)
  • elvish…. honest, I promise!!
  • I made a new outfit for my champion which I’ll post next week
  • some tips/useful info I’ve found on legendary items

see ya soon 😉



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