my ui and plugin setup

I thought I’d share my ui and plugin setup in case anyone finds it useful or interesting 🙂

I’m using Narajana UI as I like the uncluttered, minimalistic approach.  I group my skills into sets (e.g. short term buffs, ranged, melee, fears/stuns, pots etc) and I don’t use keybinds for skill use.  My favourite plugins are:

  • Travel Window:  Useful for all characters, not just hunters 🙂
  • Lotropad: The beauty of this plugin is that it can be used on all characters, i.e. all of your alts can see and edit the information you input.  Great for keeping track of crafting levels, resource needs, general useful info.
  • Alt Inventory:  if you’ve stashed *something* in one of your alts bags *somewhere* or if you just simply want to check the amount of something an alt is carrying, this app is great 🙂
  • Paged slots:  These are an additional 24 slots, which are setup with 6 slots per page.  I love these for things that I like to access often but I don’t necessarily need on a hotbar (e.g. buffs, horses, food, traps, tracking) I think I may use this for travel skills and pets (lore-master) on alts.
  • Palantir:  I find this most useful for click to cure pots (self) rather than the health/power bars.

Quick install guide (full instructions are on lotro interface)

To install UI:  Download and extract files to Libraries>Documents>The Lord of the Rings Online>UI>skins

To install plugins: Download and extract files to Libraries>Documents>The Lord of the Rings Online>plugins

If you haven’t installed plugins before I recommend reading CSTM’s excellent guide.

Hope you found it useful 🙂


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