a wishlist for the New Year 🙂

  • books! readable and placeable in your home to create a library…  The devs have done a wonderful job creating new stories and tales to fill out our world, it would be great to read them.  They could be connected to quests (e.g. Vol 1 Book 2, The Red Maid, we could receive a book of her tale as a quest reward) or excerpts of the history of middle earth, details of place names, I suppose the list is endless).  I really miss my library in eq2… (library 1, library 2)
  • an overhaul of the housing system.  At the very least, I would really like a main horse station just outside or within our neighbourhoods, but I would drool at the thought of the item limit being increased and the hooks being done away with.  My house looks so… characterless and empty 😦  I do miss eq2’s housing capabilities but I would settle for those two 😉
  • female human walk.  I really wish they would re-animate that (I’m sorry but I am torn between embarrassment and fits of giggles as my poor rohirrim captain waddles off down the street looking just like my toddler when he’s filled his nappy… :P)
  • more hobbies.  I’ve now discovered fishing and its perfect for moods where you just want to relax in beautiful surroundings (even if they are pixels!) and listen to music or podcasts.  So other hobbies would be fab…  I guess they could tie in the maps to a hobby system perhaps as well as being a deed, books could also be involved in a hobby somehow.  Painting…  I’m sure other people have much better ideas than me.
  • kinship overhaul.  There are several thread about this on the lotro forums with some excellent ideas.

I know that none of this is end-game instances or raids and perhaps other things (like bug fixes :P) might be more important, however, it is the social and play/rp aspect that people turn to while they are waiting for groups to start etc or when they just want a quiet yet social evening.  I know these won’t be on everyone’s wishlist 😉

things i would love to see in lotro


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