little by little, one travels far

Steed of the Elf-Lords

We’re both now level 75 (yay!!), have just started the Gap of Rohan questlines and have been through the new Isengard 3-man instances.  We really need to gear up so our plan is to save up our marks, medallions and any seals that we might be lucky enough to get, finish the Rohan questline and epic book, save up our Cracked Rhi Sigils and then sort ourselves out with a mixture of faction, bartered and crafted gear…  As you can see I also completed the ambassador to the elves deed (max faction with malledhrim, galadhrim and rivendell) and got my lovely horse 🙂

The new instances are fun and we’re starting to get the tactics down.  Our biggest challenges so far have been Dragnakh (didn’t manage despite getting to the 3rd platform on our first two attempts and it went steadily downhill from there – first time in though), the final ent battle in Fangorn (our 2nd time in today was much smoother and quicker though) and the horrible fire orc bit in Pits (been in once).  I like our group of warden, hunter and runekeeper though 🙂

My lore-master is now at 45 and working on various bits and pieces (epic book for legendary, quests in Forochel / Eregion and the final 2 pages needed for the books quests).  She is maxed on cooking and rep 🙂

My other alts are all sitting around the 30s.  I like both the champ and the captain, though I don’t want to tank with either lol  They’ll probably stay as solo alts and may never see a high level.  Similarly my minstrel looks like huge fun but is sitting at level 21.  I don’t have enough time quite simply.

I’m away next week and I will try to get a couple of posts scheduled and once I’m back from hols I’ll start on the sindarin place names again.


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