little by little, one travels far

lotro ~ thievery and mischief skirmish

lotro ~ we’ve been steadily questing away in Dunland and have now reached level 72 🙂  We have the first level of new gear available (quest rewards) and it has made a huge difference, though it is hard choosing between agility and vitality!  For now, I am keeping bits and pieces with a high alternative stat, so I may end up with agi/fate gear and vit gear…  We’ve been doing 3-person skirmishes on a Wednesday with our friend Aeowulf and they are really good fun.  It looks as though we will start doing the 6-persons though as we want to earn the superior 4th marks, we think at least a couple of people in the guild will be interested 🙂

skyrim ~ silhouette and moon

skyrim ~ still just loving this game!  I’m now level 43 *cough* and head of the Mages college as well as the Thieves guild.  I’m slowing down a little with this one as I’m waiting for the creation kit and the first downloadable content being available in January.  Though I’m also considering re-starting… not sure why!

eq2 ~ revamped freeport and execution

eq2 ~ I had to rewrite this section as Smokejumper announced that all characters made before 6th December would be unlocked.  What? seriously? omg YAY!  Well, personally, I think its incredibly generous and definitely the way to bring back ex-subscribers like myself 🙂  Yeah you’ll have to pay to unlock gear etc, but personally I think having your characters PLUS content free up to Sentinel’s Fate (and I think including Velious if you have bought the expansions) is an incredibly good deal.   Gold, bag, journal cap is workable…   Personally as well, I now feel much more inclined to spend some money on eq2 with this news.  I am looking slightly greenly at Beastlords and the rest of the stuff that comes with the new expansion and there are some rather nice prestige houses…. hmm….

I would like to play eq2 more, especially the decorating side of it, I’m not sure if I will have time as I still love playing lotro (and there is my semi addiction to Skyrim and there’s minecraft waiting in the wings too!) but its fantastic to know that I can now log in at any time I wish.  So – thank you Smokejumper and the EQ2 team 🙂


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