skyrim: screenshots and adventures

First off, some screenshots of skyrim to drool over, click for larger images and slideshow

I cannot believe how much fun Skyrim is and how easy it is to just totally lose myself in the game.  Yes, the game has its faults (the now infamous clunky UI and a few bugs and glitches here and there) but I can honestly say that they haven’t spoiled my enjoyment one bit.  The game looks astonishing and its just cool being back in a wide open world where I can explore to my heart’s content.

I’d forgotten how fun it was being able to affect objects in a game world.  Though it can be a bit icky when you accidentally boot a bloody skull across the floor… I was investigating a murder and was supposed to be investigating the crime scene.  I’m not entirely sure  kicking bits of body all about the room, stamping in puddles of blood and generally just obliterating any evidence present actually counts as investigating but fortunately it turned out I only needed to find a journal.  Once I’d retrieved it from a congealed puddle of blood where I’d carelessly kicked it and wiped it off a bit, it was fine if a bit damp and icky.

I’ve ignored both the taking sides quest and the dragon shouting quests (well am partway through this one) as that would feel as though I was actually progressing through the game… I don’t want to progress, I want to stay here and have fun 😛

My character also seems to have a rather worrying and varying moral compass…  The Forsworn are my particular type of mob I’ve made it my mission to obliterate (nutjobs worshipping supernatural nutjobs *shudder* plus, if that weren’t reason enough, they have very stupid hats).  So in keeping with that, I also decided not to help any daedra… well except for one where I helped an adorable wolfhound, and… one where the daedra had me suspended about 2,000 feet above the ground (thought it might be in my best interests to play along) and um the daedra where if I didn’t follow her I could kiss goodbye to my promotion in the Thieves guild 😦

I have houses in Whiterun, Markarth, Solitude and Riften and am Thane in those cities plus Falkreath and Morthal.  Aside from collecting houses and ceremonial pieces of shite I’ve mostly been sneaking… and then a bit more sneaking 😉 oh… and a whole ton of looting and thieving 🙂  A grumpy old wizard wanted me to clear out the falmer and other nasties from some dwemer ruins so that he could go in and study the dwemer artefacts.  Was a very fun dungeon with lots of traps and stuff.  Dimzad caught me walking very slowly out of there under a terrible burden of loot and called me a greedy cow (hahaha).  Was great though, I got rewarded and as I stumbled off groaning with a suspiciously large bag of loot, I did wonder what the wizzy was going to study as I’d nicked everything that wasn’t nailed down…

ah so much fun!


5 comments on “skyrim: screenshots and adventures

  1. its an amazing game! just being able to do what you want when you want is so refreshing. and yes… its beautiful 🙂

    Yes I’m playing on PC and as far as controls, yes very similar to lotro and fairly standard for PC RPGs (i use wasd to move, mouse to point, tab for menu, esc for main menu, alt for sprint, mouse clicks to swing your weapons, cast spells etc). The HUD you can see in the screenshots (can’t toggle on and off afaik) is just beautiful – really minimal but health bars etc pop up when they’re being depleted but are still unobtrusive.

    The UI once you get into the inventory screens is um… nice to look at but appears to have been optimised for a console (wheel scrolly menus, misclicks throw you out of the menu). It could have benefited from some further sub-organisation too. The only bugs I’ve come across are quest items not being removed from my inventory and one quest item not sparking the related quest. However, I’ve managed to clock up some 80 hours /faint /thud, so you can see that a) the game isn’t broken by any means at all and b) the above are niggles for me, not serious problems (I’m assuming patches are incoming).

    *sneaks back into the shadow*

  2. Haha. Looks like a lot of fun!

    I hate the forsworn too, to the point I groan every time I have to fight those bastards. I think they are only below the Falmer in my hate list.

    As for that murder investigation, don’t feel so bad! You are already one step ahead from the typical criminal investigation of a medieval era which I think amounted pretty much to arrest whoever they thought was guilty and be done with it.

    As for the grumpy old wizard…. He can still study the architecture or the machinery! I mean that was already pretty advanced for the game’s time….

    @HeadBurro Antfarm

    Yes, there is a version on PC too. The advantage of the PC version is that it can be modded. So if there is anything about it that annoys you chances are someone already made a mod to change it or you can do it yourself through the Creation Kit.

    One example is the UI, as Suzita pointed out, it was made for a console in mind. Fortunately someone already did a mod to make it better to use in the PC. It is a mod called SkyUI and you can get it here:

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